Post Moogle FFXIV Quests Won’t appear for me since Lvl 11 one

I was able to successfully complete Post Moogle quests up to the one that gave me Lvl 11 status but after that the post moogle would not longer appear on the location in Limsa so i have not been able to progress in them.

I am level 50 with my main character at lvl 95 equipment status. I have not completed a bunch of dungeons as i lost interest in that and have focused on crafting and gardening, and now have some seven classes up to lvl 50 and higher.

any idea why i can’t find the Post Moogle quests any more? is qualificiation tied to our status in the Main Quest line?

I have no intention of dragging thru countless dungones just to do them but i do enjoy them so wanted to see if this was a bug or some result of the structure of the game.

It looks like the next quest should have been The Death of a Mailman but i dont think i ever got that one and havent seen the post moogle in Limsa since last fall…

Well it turns out if you have skipped one quest in the 20s range of your main character, in my case the Paladin, you can’t progress past the level 11 Post Moogle quest. there is NO notice of this, or way to know. You have to have finished that quest which involves a cranky and abusive scientist up above Bentbranch in Central Shroud, which she sends you to collect some Morbel scent. I failed it a number of times and just decided to ignore it. But she figures in one of the Post Moogle Quests, Whack a mole, and you have to finish the quest that you get before you can see the next Post Moogle quest.

so go finish it and the Assistant Post Moogle will re appear in Limsa and you can cointiue. my thanks to two of my FC members who found this out and it may help others.

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