Please fix the dragoon ability “jump”

Jump has a significantly long animation lock.

This is not a real problem when it comes to playing the game effectively.

In some cases it even makes Dragoon more fun, cause it creates a depth of timing or difficulty thats specific only to dragoon.

The problem here, is this is not in the tradition of Final Fantasy.

The simple fix for this, without creating any form of “overpowered” or “invincibility” is this:


Delivers an attack with a potency of 200.
Returns you to your original position after the attack is made.
Cannot be executed while bound.

Additional Effect:
HP cannot be reduced below 1 HP for 4 seconds.
(could even add a diminishing return so that the effect doesnt work at all until 3 or so jumps later. Or more. whatever.)

This would not only keep the tradition of Final Fantasy, because traditionally Dragoons became invincible during jumps, but also, it would still hurt the dragoon significantly if timed incorrectly. This way you keep the difficulty of dragoon in battles, but gain the effectiveness of jump.

Plus i’m sure if the healer has to focus the tank they cant heal the dragoon, and if another area of effect goes out they would still die.

On top of this, heals are less MP than a raise, and dragoon is the only job with such a long animation lock that would kill them. Shoulder tackle is long but its not nearly as long.

Much better response.
Why werent you capable of saying that initially?

Also, to add to your statement, while jumping, the player was invincible. When landing they could get hurt again.

When jumping they were unable to be healed.

In XIV all of this is skewed due to the nature of its design.

So, if we wanted to go further, taking into consideration your now proper response, I would say “cannot be healed for 4 seconds” also.

Now things are getting convoluted. At which point Square-Enix would weigh and consider the responses to the thread and make a choice. That is in fact what the forums are for.

Your initial response? Would not help me nor the development team. It would not help me, cause i personally dont have an issue of timing jump.

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