Please Eliminate or Reduce A Lot of the Pure RNG Design

Examples: Atma, Raid Gear, Overmelding, TT Card Drops, or Zodiac.

Increasing Droprates is a nice sentiment but there are still those unlucky people who go 100+ FATE’s without an Atma drop or buy 100+ Gold Card Packs with no Zidane Card or run 50 Aurum Vale’s with no Zodiac item or lose 20 Grade IV Materium on a high-probability meld.

Please, I don’t know the term, but we need a increased drop rate per attempt up to a ceiling on certain contents.

Pure RNG has its merits for certain achievement items like minions, mounts, & vanities or things like Hunt Logs but I believe it to be too severely relied upon elsewhere.

I’m not asking for it to be eliminated altogether, just in key areas like where fair progression can be halted (relics).

I’m glad you guys are improving the looting systems for Heavensward but we also please need revisions to how you handle RNG as a whole.

A lot of this reliance is despised/loathed & developers need to catch on more & more in general… please be the example SE!

Also–humbly–may you please come chat with us on the PVP Forum & let’s have a discussion if you could, sincerely please.

For visibility on the others who don’t finish reading threads:

“Pure RNG has its merits… but I believe it to be too severely relied upon…”

In other words, SE should keep it in some places, but they’ve overstuffed this game with it (imo).

Even the title of the OP includes, “in a lot of places.”

Both explicit & implicit: not all.

Please leave your personal quarrel & rude remarks out of this thread.

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