Please add “Duty Roulette: Exploratory Missions”

Okay okay, I get it. The Diadem is horrible, The Diadem gave you cancer, The Diadem is the reason people aren’t living on the moon right now or using flying cars. Everyone knows how much people hate The Diadem.

This isn’t a thread about if The Diadem is good or not but feel free to criticize this idea with those points if you want to. What I’m proposing with this thread is a new way to cap Tomestones in a week with a new roulette.

If you frequent the forums or anywhere that discusses the game, I’m sure you’ve seen many people complain about how they hate doing other roulettes all the time like Expert so they can cap. Personally I find capping 100% fine as it is, especially with the addition of the Aquapolis. But there are still people who absolutely hate capping each week and it makes them want to quit.

What I think would help a lot is what I wrote in the title, “Duty Roulette: Exploratory Missions”. For those that don’t know in The Diadem you get a list of like 8 random objectives which your party needs to clear 3 of to get your tomestones reward for the run. Objectives can be kill X monster Y amount of times, gather Z amount of items with one of the gatherers and examine certain crystals on the map.

Sure spending the full 30 minutes+ in The Diadem makes a lot of players have thoughts of murdering Yoshida, but completing the objectives is a simple enough task and can be quite fun in small doses.

One of the reasons the Diadem was made seemed to be as a new way to cap. And I really believe that it still would be a decent way to cap with this addition.

Right now people get 75 Lore/140 Esoterics in Expert, with best case scenario 45 lore/200 Eso in level 60 or worst case 25 Lore/130 Eso (Or with ARF, 25 lore, 250 Eso), 40 Lore/100 Eso from Frontlines roulette. The Diadem right now gives 10 Lore per easy (With 20 Eso)/normal mode(With 30 Eso) and 15 lore/40 Eso for Hard mode (Hard doesn’t really matter for this thread since it can’t be queued for).

If the Diadem was given a Roulette with a bonus of 40 Lore and 90 Eso for a daily, I think it would help a lot with people getting burnt out from Dungeons in the game. This would mean you get 50 lore a day with the Roulette, 110 Eso if you get Easy, 120 Eso if you get Normal.

A massive problem to this would needing to be in Ishgard for it and the whole drama of people who just gathering rolling for loot that others are fighting to get. With the second problem, I think the best solution is to just leave the party you’re in if it happens with pugs after you get the tomestones and use Party Finder for a Roulette run for monster hunting. Anything after the tomestones is just an added bonus so there is no point in staying in the party if players inside it are making you frustrated. With the first problem I think if the rewards are good enough for a little break from the normal grind, people will wait in Ishgard for their roulette to pop as long as the queue is low.

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