Placeable doors to expand interior housing space

Currently, all properties that have been purchased as Free Company homes can augment their living space through the addition of private chambers. I would like to see this functionality extended to homes that are privately owned as well.

Preferably, this would be in the form of a placeable housing item (i.e. a special door) that can be be placed anywhere inside the home that (upon use) would allow owners (and tenants with authorization) the options to purchase additional private chamber style rooms and the ability to enter them.

The reason I’m asking for a placeable housing item (rather than the standard doorway at the back of the main entry room, as is found in Free Company housing) is to allow players to have more aesthetic control where this doorway is placed. I’m trying to avoid forcing a doorway onto an existing wall that would likely require much re-planning and remodeling for players who are relatively happy with their current layouts.

Example: I have no room for the default door in my layout (as it would be where the fireplace now is), which I would prefer not to alter:

Instead, here is an example of how a placeable door would look:

A few notes:

Unlike the private chambers in Free Company homes (which are limited to one per FC member), there would be no limit to the number of additional private chambers that can be purchased. In other words, a home owner would be able to purchase dozens of private rooms for a variety of purposes (spare bedrooms, bathrooms, greenhouses, crafting centers, or other themed spaces) if desired. This creates a gil sink for the game as the home owner is only limited by the amount of additional money they’re willing to spend.
Like the private chambers in Free Company housing, these additional rooms would be completely separate areas with their own item placement limits, wallpaper, and floor decor. This would allow homeowners to make use of the steady stream of additional housing items that are introduced through content updates and seasonal events. It would also create an additional demand for housing items that are already available through the marketplace and other means, which would also have the side effect of increasing the use of dungeons (which can contain crafting materials for housing items).
Like their Free Company counterparts, these private chambers would have windows for additional lighting and aesthetics.
It would be preferable if multiple copies of these doors could be placed, and if players could (through UI options) limit which additional private rooms can be accessed upon using them. Thus, one homeowner may opt to have a single door that leads to several private chambers (as is the current default setup), while another homeowner may opt to create a more realistic hallway with multiple doors that individually lead to a number of spare bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
As this door is a placeable item, it could also be used in Free Company housing (which already have private chambers), particularly smaller FC homes that really could use a way to increase the amount of general-use space.

While I realize that this is not the best solution for the problems of limited interior spaces, item placement limitations, etc – it is a solution that is relatively easy to implement because it draws upon existing functionality. And one might suggest that it is unrealistic to have what can essentially be huge interiors compared to relatively small housing exteriors, but I would point out that Free Company housing and their private chambers already have this same “problem” and we generally ignore it because.. let’s face it, we just like having extra, optional space to decorate.

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