Pandemonia Ascension «Demi» is recruiting raiders & social members

Pandemonia Ascension was created in 2014 between two friends with a common goal of providing a supportive environment for raiders. We strove for greatness and pushed our members to achieve the same. With a collective effort and positive reinforcement we managed to set and maintain multiple records from DPS numbers to clear times. Our vision was to lead our members and a multitude of teams to achieve the same level of success. In 2015 we made the decision to relocate ourselves and our members to a larger server where we could better foster teamwork, success, greatness, and above all a love for gaming. Now on the Gilgamesh server, we are proud to offer you a place within our walls.

While we welcome applications from prospective raid team members, general applicants and friends and family, do keep in mind the vision that we have established and continue to run our Company under: we seek members who strive to better themselves through knowledge, experience and an everlasting drive to push their skills within Final Fantasy XIV past their limits.

At this time we are recruiting for one team with a total of five open slots:

Team Blue Steel
Voip: Teamspeak3
Raid time: 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern) for 3-4 hours
Raid days: fri/sat/sun/mon/tue 3-4 days will be set in stone upon further member establishment
Team makeup: WAR, DRG, BRD
Progression: fresh A4s & accepting members at A3s enrage

We are also seeking a crafter to work alongside our progression team and future teams. In return for raid consumables and other DoH projects, our members and leaders will assist in content clears and farms.

• As a newly established Company on the server, we lack a home-base but have all intentions to obtain one as well as tackle airship progression.
• Our website and Teamspeak server are open for all of our members to utilize.
• Raid time means to be stocked with consumables, connected into Teamspeak, and irl duties completed before the raid start time.
• Silent raiders may be replaced. We are seeking present–not passive–team members.

For further inquiries or to get in contact with us:
• find our Co-leaders in-game: Omega Type and Solena Nocturne
• find our Officer in-game: Arcturus Intai’sei
• visit our website
• email us at
• we can be directly messaged on Reddit as Demiffxiv
• feel free to post on this thread!

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