More FFXIV Cross Over Events

It would be great to see some more cross over events for previous FF’s, like the FFXIII event from a while back. Where you could do a series of quests to unlock equipment/hairstyles based on the characters from that FF. They could even add Egi glamours where you could make the Egi look like it’s counterpart from previous FF’s. Garuda could have Valefor from FFX as a glamour! That would be so cool!

The FFXI, FFXIII and DQX events were actually exceptions rather than the rule, as all three events had a deeper connection to FFXIV’s development than just fan service. They were event that actually all celebrated certain milestones in each respective title, and also had a deeper meta connection to the development team.

Specifically, the FFXIII event was actually a result of an in-joke between FFXIII’s producer Motomu Toriyama and Naoki Yoshida – where Toriyama included miqo’te racial gear and the level 50 GC GLA/PLD weapons as equipment for Lightning in Lightning Returns ~ FFXIII, Yoshi-P famously stated at E3 in 2013 that, paraphrased, he “would find some way to repay the compliment” by “finding a way to have Lightning appear in FFXIV ARR” – officially though it was billed as being cross marketing for Lightning Returns.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Patch 2.55 Readies Players For Heavensward


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will get its first expansion this summer, but in the meantime, adventurers of Eorzea will get one last major patch that will lead them into the new land of Ishgard. Here are some of the highlights from the Patch 2.55 notes.


First and foremost, the Patch 2.55, or Before the Fall – Part II will finish the main scenario quests and its story, picking up where it left off on Patch 2.5. The story will finish leading its path to the Ishgard region, which will be the main area of interest in the upcoming Heavensward expansion.


It will also feature a new trial “The Steps of Faith,” an eight-man duty. Unlike other duties, success in the Steps of Faith is contingent upon the ability to defend certain constructs along the bridge toward Ishgard.

Furthermore, total party incapacitation will not result in failure of the duty. Players will instead be returned to the starting point of the duty, at which point they can return to battle. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Patch 2.55 Readies Players For Heavensward

Auri and Ishgard, can we truly be Final Fantasy XIV allies?

One thing has been lingering on my mind since the new race Au\\\\’Ra was announced.

The Au\\\\’Ra are theoretically part Dravanian. With that, the first concern of mine is where does the race originate from. With essentially all of old Coerthas opening up for us, I would expect it to be either Ishgard city proper, or Dravania. Both of these bring up some major concerns.

Being from dravania, that would imply this race has been around amongst dragons, possibly a lower class amongst dragon kind. Dragons don\\\\’t need clothes, so this would explain their ratty garb, being the only ones in their society that needs it. The other option is ishgard proper. Have a whole host of issues if this is the case. Ishgardians HATE dragons, to the point they label even suspected sympathizers as heretics and want blood. And that is just for people who like dragons.

Imagine if you were actually part dragon! At worst, they would be lowest low class; at best, mud-in-the-dirt class among ishgardian society. This would definitely explain their starter clothes. Continue reading Auri and Ishgard, can we truly be Final Fantasy XIV allies?

Jumbo FFXIV cactpot as boring as real lottery

After several weeks of playing both mini-cactpot and jumbo cactpot, I don’t feel the slightest bit EXCITED to do the weekly cactpot. The first week I was eagerly awaiting the results, but now I don’t even care if I miss the “early bird” bonus. And, I think it all comes down to one simple reason.

Jumbo cactpot requires your numbers to appear in ORDER for any prize to be awarded. That means only a 10% chance at a 1K MGP (you can frequently get that much from mini-cactpot), a 1% chance at 10k MGP (I’ve gotten that 6 times from mini-cactpot) and a 0.1% chance at 100k MGP. Yes, there seems to be one person each week that gets the 1M payoff, but that is still close to a .01% chance.

So for everyone who isn’t the big winner, we have a whopping 10% chance to get the same MGP that you can win for punching ol’ Greg in the face 100 times. Or a 1% chance to score the same MGP I just pulled out of mini-cactpot two days in a row. And you get to wait a week for it. How EXCITING!

Now, I’m not suggesting MGP rain from the sky, but considering you wait a week for this, how about increasing the odds that SOMETHING happens? My suggestion is awarding prizes for numbers selected, but NOT in order.

All numbers in order- 1,000,000 MGP
Last 3 numbers in order – 100,000 MGP
4 Numbers any order- 15,000 MGP
Last 2 numbers in order – 10,000 MGP
3 Numbers any order – 8,000 MGP
2 Numbers any order – 5,000 MGP
Last number in order – 1,000 MGP
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Final Fantasy XIV Items still not storable in Armoire

In the recent patch you made previous event items storable, yet there are still items that have yet to be added to the storage feature of the Armoire.

The Goblin Cap, Fat Chocobo Head, King Slime Crown, Sable Death Mask, Friendship Circlet, Ahriman Choker (And all subsequent contest prizes), Strife Armor, The Wedding Sets, Peach Blossom Choker, Slime Earrings, Dodo Earrings, and the Moogle Attire.

Another thing that needs to be looked into is the storage of Augmented Artifact Armor. The Artifact armor could be treated as the spiritbinding process is treated; the color on the armor is reset whenever it’s stored in the Armoire and picked up again.

I’d also like to make a push to recommend us being able to store the Gear we’ve been able to obtain via Odin’s Mantles and Behemoth horns. I think this should also extend to armor and weapon skins purchased from the Gold Saucer.

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Final Fantasy XIV Gil Escape from Castrum Centri is impossible to complete

In the main story mission, Escape from Castrum Centri, the NPCs (Biggs, Wedge, and the Two other characters in the 2nd fight) who assist you in defeating the Imperial soldiers are laughably weak. No matter what actions or strategies I employ as a Scholor/Arcanist, they die before I can accomplish anything, no matter how many echoes stacks I have.

The first fight is much of a coin flip at 5 Echoes stacks. Biggs and Wedge lose HP to the enemies so rapidly it’s funny. I cannot gain threat to take the hits for them. I cannot heal them faster than they take damage, no matter my choices in healing spells. I cannot DPS down the enemies in this fight fast enough most of the time, because one of the NPCs has much greater HP than the others, and attacks Biggs to the exclusion of everything else. Neither Biggs nor Wedge do anything to avoid AoE Circles, and stand right on top of one another, and since I cannot obtain any kind of Aggro, I cannot reposition anything. There are 2 NPCs to be freed in this fight, but doing so is nearly impossible, takes longer than it takes for Biggs/Wedge to lose 50% of their health, and adds little to their survivability. It also summons more foes to fight. The only way I have beaten this first fight is pure DPS in Cleric Stance, and then, as I have said, its kind of a coinflip, as I cannot win consistently. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Gil Escape from Castrum Centri is impossible to complete

Final Fantasy XIV Gil Missing character after server disconnection

Hello, I have been referred to this specific “In-Game Bugs Report” by an in-game GM to report my missing character due to a server/game disconnection. I was logged in and playing today on my character “Kilala Ninetails” at approximately 3:20pm when I was suddenly disconnected, when I restarted the game my character Kilala was missing. I did not delete my character, this was due to the game disconnecting. I had the same issue happen in the past and after speaking to the customer service on the phone, the forums, the GM’s, they instructed me to buy a security token because they believed my account may have been hacked. I purchased and have been using the security token now for approximately 6 months and haven’t had a problem until now. Now that my character is missing, the GM informed me that my “one-time character fix due to deletion” has been used, but I did not delete my character, this was a game bug or malfunction due to disconnection. I did not and will never delete my character, even if I was to unsubscribe I would not delete the character myself, I would leave it there to possibly subscribe in the future. Can you please fix/re-instate my character as soon as possible, I am a longtime subscriber and play everyday, I look forward to playing as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

Post Moogle FFXIV Quests Won’t appear for me since Lvl 11 one

I was able to successfully complete Post Moogle quests up to the one that gave me Lvl 11 status but after that the post moogle would not longer appear on the location in Limsa so i have not been able to progress in them.

I am level 50 with my main character at lvl 95 equipment status. I have not completed a bunch of dungeons as i lost interest in that and have focused on crafting and gardening, and now have some seven classes up to lvl 50 and higher.

any idea why i can’t find the Post Moogle quests any more? is qualificiation tied to our status in the Main Quest line? Continue reading Post Moogle FFXIV Quests Won’t appear for me since Lvl 11 one

What did tell Minfilia? [FFXIV 2.55 speculation and spoilers]

I have a theory.

Minfilia is commonly known as the Scion who is basicially powerless, she doesn’t have the strength of Yda or Thancred. But what if, Hydaelyn actually gave Minfilia the blessing of light? What if that is the reason Hydaelyn told Midgardsormr to give us his blessing?

Why else would Minfilia run straight back into the hornet’s nest? It would be a pretty good evolution for her character, going from the ‘damsel in distress’ to being on level with the Warrior of Light.

Well Minfillia’s response to Hydaelyn’s message was ‘No…!’ which gives us a good point from which to infer a few things. The most obvious, of course, is that what Minfillia heard was NOT good news. Based on the timing I think Hydaelyn was alerting Minfillia to the fate of the other Archons and showed her some way to help. I don’t think it likely that she was given the Blessing of Light, however, as we’ve already seen this drains Hydaelyn considerably (and is likely one of the reasons Midgardsormr sealed the WoL’s blessing).

What I find more curious is the timing. Why now? Minfillia has tried to contact Hydaelyn before with no success and there have been several times the Scions faced peril with no help from the Mothercrystal. Were the theories about Hydaelyn being weakened true after all, and she had only then just recovered enough aether to exert her will again? Or was it truly Hydaelyn at all?

Whatever the answers, this is the first time Minfillia has done something courageous by herself like this and I’m hopeful it’s a sign of things to come with her character development going forward.