Final Fantasy XIV Gil Missing character after server disconnection

Hello, I have been referred to this specific “In-Game Bugs Report” by an in-game GM to report my missing character due to a server/game disconnection. I was logged in and playing today on my character “Kilala Ninetails” at approximately 3:20pm when I was suddenly disconnected, when I restarted the game my character Kilala was missing. I did not delete my character, this was due to the game disconnecting. I had the same issue happen in the past and after speaking to the customer service on the phone, the forums, the GM’s, they instructed me to buy a security token because they believed my account may have been hacked. I purchased and have been using the security token now for approximately 6 months and haven’t had a problem until now. Now that my character is missing, the GM informed me that my “one-time character fix due to deletion” has been used, but I did not delete my character, this was a game bug or malfunction due to disconnection. I did not and will never delete my character, even if I was to unsubscribe I would not delete the character myself, I would leave it there to possibly subscribe in the future. Can you please fix/re-instate my character as soon as possible, I am a longtime subscriber and play everyday, I look forward to playing as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

Post Moogle FFXIV Quests Won’t appear for me since Lvl 11 one

I was able to successfully complete Post Moogle quests up to the one that gave me Lvl 11 status but after that the post moogle would not longer appear on the location in Limsa so i have not been able to progress in them.

I am level 50 with my main character at lvl 95 equipment status. I have not completed a bunch of dungeons as i lost interest in that and have focused on crafting and gardening, and now have some seven classes up to lvl 50 and higher.

any idea why i can’t find the Post Moogle quests any more? is qualificiation tied to our status in the Main Quest line? Continue reading Post Moogle FFXIV Quests Won’t appear for me since Lvl 11 one

What did tell Minfilia? [FFXIV 2.55 speculation and spoilers]

I have a theory.

Minfilia is commonly known as the Scion who is basicially powerless, she doesn’t have the strength of Yda or Thancred. But what if, Hydaelyn actually gave Minfilia the blessing of light? What if that is the reason Hydaelyn told Midgardsormr to give us his blessing?

Why else would Minfilia run straight back into the hornet’s nest? It would be a pretty good evolution for her character, going from the ‘damsel in distress’ to being on level with the Warrior of Light.

Well Minfillia’s response to Hydaelyn’s message was ‘No…!’ which gives us a good point from which to infer a few things. The most obvious, of course, is that what Minfillia heard was NOT good news. Based on the timing I think Hydaelyn was alerting Minfillia to the fate of the other Archons and showed her some way to help. I don’t think it likely that she was given the Blessing of Light, however, as we’ve already seen this drains Hydaelyn considerably (and is likely one of the reasons Midgardsormr sealed the WoL’s blessing).

What I find more curious is the timing. Why now? Minfillia has tried to contact Hydaelyn before with no success and there have been several times the Scions faced peril with no help from the Mothercrystal. Were the theories about Hydaelyn being weakened true after all, and she had only then just recovered enough aether to exert her will again? Or was it truly Hydaelyn at all?

Whatever the answers, this is the first time Minfillia has done something courageous by herself like this and I’m hopeful it’s a sign of things to come with her character development going forward.

Game Crashes Windows on Launch After 4/2/2015 FFXIV Patch

Says it all in the thread title. After the latest patch the game manages to crash my entire OS upon launch.

Having something very similar to this, but in my case, it’s actually causing my entire PC to completely shutdown. Only happens with this game, nothing else has been causing it. It can happen as soon as I hit start and attempt to get to the “Now Loading” screen, or it can happen at any random point during gameplay. It has not mattered for location, or how crowded an area is or any other factors to really pinpoint it. I can play for maybe 20mins, 30mins, or even an hour before it’ll happen. I was lucky yesterday and managed ~4? hours or so while a few FC members were teaching me a few new dungeons I unlocked while another wanted to practice tanking. But about an hour after we were done for the night (and after helping the others with their maps), it happened again. Tried again this morning, and happened again after selecting Start, and once again about an hour into gameplay.

It started happening after the 2.55 patch, although it only happened once then (probably lucky though). After the emergency patch that came out after that, it has been far too regular, but I can’t say for sure if it the emergency fix just made it worse or if my play time after then just seems like it’s mostly a result of the emergency patch. Either way, it started on patch 2.55, and never had any problems like this at all before the patch. I’ve turned off all real-time protection in all scanners while running the game, wiped every trace of nvidia drivers/configs and reinstalled fresh drivers (an older version and the latest and left the settings at default to rule out problematic tweaks) and even closed down most other programs while gaming and it has made no difference whatsoever. I’ve even reset the game’s settings.

Pretty much everything minus a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game (or windows). I could also try installing the game in my Windows 10 Preview setup, but if it happens there too, I ain’t expecting much for support for a currently(?) unsupported OS, so….

Sword AND Board: Looking at Paladin in a different light

For a while now PLD has been classified as the “simple” tank class and that it is “boring” to play, and I will agree to a point. PLD has a lower point of entry skillwise and it is more simple when played at its most base level of Shield Oath on, Flash and Halone combo. If played this way it is very simple and easily becomes boring. However that is not all their is to PLD.


I see people say that PLD is all about their shield, but IMO this is only partially true, there is one major factor being left out here, PLD wields a sword and a shield.

Now I’m not saying this just for the point of semantics, but because by looking at the combination of the sword and the shield as a set that the PLD brings to bare, it changes the PLD from a Halone Waltzing turtle into a deadly dancer of defense and offense. Continue reading Sword AND Board: Looking at Paladin in a different light

A few FFXIV questions (In game and buying the game)

Buying the game question

So I started a trail about 3 to 4 days ago using steam. Would I be able to continue with my character(s) if I buy the a copy form this site or in a store? Or am I stuck using the steam version?

Continue reading A few FFXIV questions (In game and buying the game)

A couple Final Fantasy XIV Questions

So I’m gonna start with the easier ones and work my way down adding anymore that come to me in further posts.

In regards to allowances, I’m seeing a lot of contradicting info on the web (3 a day, 4 a day, 3 per 12 hrs, 4 per 12 hours being the most common). So what exactly is it?

Is there any way to get more allowances per day? There’s a part two to this question coming up next! Continue reading A couple Final Fantasy XIV Questions

Feedback on In FFXIV Game Support

Hey Guys,

After a few times contacting the In Game Support team for various issues, I finally had a direct interaction with them within the game and felt that this would be as good a time as any to give a review of my overall experience with the Support team and In Game Support overall. If this is the wrong section, please feel free to move my post or ask me to repost in the correct areas.

So, I’ve contacted the ingame support team several times now and for several different issues. This ranges mostly from reporting gil-spamming to issues with certain functionalities within the game. After each of these reports (not counting the endless gil spam reports) I would receive what seemed to be a copypasta message. One report I actually tried to respond to only to receive the exact same message pasted back to me a second time. This left a rather sour taste in my mouth and after my most recent support ticket, I gave a response that essentially doubted the existence of a human GM team. This, of course, elicited a response from a very respectful GM who was doing everything that he could to try to be of help. Of course, my initial concern was a moot point by this time, so I thanked him for contacting me and ended the conversation after just a few moments. Continue reading Feedback on In FFXIV Game Support


I need an actual solution. I’m tried of giving up my ability to be messaged with /busy, I’m tired of people I don’t know and have never encountered, messaging me about gold. The fact that all facets of the game have been improved upon (pvp,pve,teleporting menus,ect.), OTHER THAN GOLD SPAMMERS, I believe it could be time to FINALLY address this.

I’m not going to spend additional MONTHS discussing solutions in game with other players. I’ve already been speaking with players about the legitimacy of efforts by anyone on the game staff to rid us of a CONSTANT BOMBARDMENT of messages, we all agree that LITTLE OR NOTHING has been done to fix this issue. More than anything that infuriates me about this situation, is the extra Spam messages I receive after communicating my issues with your team(GM) in game. It’s almost as if these gold spammers are being allowed to effect my game-play, and are monitoring it enough to know if I have been in contact with GM’s. I BELIEVE NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO REMOVE GOLD SPAMMERS FROM OUR GAMING EXPERIENCE. Continue reading FFXIV Gold spammers – IT’S TIME TO FIX THEM

Before the Patch

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here with our last peek at “Before the Fall – Part 2” before it launches on Tuesday!

We’re drawing ever closer to the grand finale of A Realm Reborn – are you prepared?

While this marks the end of the story you’ve been involved in throughout A Realm Reborn, the release of Heavensward is rushing ever forward! Use your time to prepare, finish up your goals, or take things slow each day and work little by little.
We don’t want to touch on the story at all (must…avoid…spoilers), so we’ll instead take a look at a few other aspects of the upcoming patch.

First off, there are going to be adjustments in the Manderville Gold Saucer. To put it simply, we’ll be raising the amount of MGP rewarded. Mini-games will grant you double what they currently do, and in Chocobo Racing you’ll get more MGP for higher ranked races. You’ll also be able to get an increased amount of experience points, so it should be easier than ever to develop your chocobo. There will be plenty of other adjustments to the Gold Saucer too, so be sure to check out the patch notes when they’re live!

Next up, let’s talk about the Magitek Armor mount!
There’s really no way to do it justice with a screenshot, but I’m sure fans will be excited to “hear” that the music has changed! Now when you climb inside your Magitek, that memorable song from FINAL FANTASY VI will be played! Believe me, we’ve been hearing the very vocal demands for this for some time now…

I recommend heading to Coerthas one evening when the snow is falling, forming a group of three, and trekking through the snow to relive memories long since passed!
“Before the Fall – Part 2” arrives Tuesday!
– Bayohne