Our lines need a Bard or a Machinist!

Eorzeans ! People of Ragnarok !

Our lines have once again been foully deserted! This is why today we are coming to you, hoping to find a new loyal, courageous and risk-taking companion!

We are looking for a BRD or a MCH. Of course, we are looking for a player who masters her or his job, and above all someone who knows what patience and perseverance are. The word “elitist” should be avoided and stay somewhere in your genome as an anomaly.

We do not mind about mistakes, accepting them lead to better advancement. You that I feel hesitating, withdraw your fingers from your nose and do not worry, we will not lynch you if you stupidly die. We will of course expect the same from you.

We are an international static as we are German, French, Turkish and British players who are leading fantastic adventures.

What are the achievements of our static?
For now, we killed A5S but one of our members (our MT DRK) didn’t get the kill because he was absent the evening we killed it (too bad). Ideally you already know very well (even perfectly) the A5S fight, but we can still train you on it so that everyone is at the same level. We killed all primals for the major part of us.

We are usually running on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00 (server hour). We are what we call a “social” static, so our runs can be modified and adapt to everyone’s needs. We will not mind if you are absent one day or you are a bit late because of an event happening IRL (in that case we have a Facebook page for our static where everyone says if he can or cannot come on that day).

Our current group is a mix of audacious and motivated players. We are putting emphasis on the human sides of the game, but we also like to achieve high goals in the HL world of Eorzea. Our static works through a LS, then no worry you will not have to leave your FC.

Are you interested to come along with us? Then come to us, send us a message or contact us directly in Eorzea:
– Shezam Denver, Hysteria Jaggerjack, Eulalie Wanzer.

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