NPCs for Tournament: Still Completely Worthless

35 wins this week against assorted NPCs: ~1800 points.

Letting a friend lose to you 35 times: ~5000 points.

This is on Excalibur.

Now I completely understand that NPCs aren’t meant to be a replacement for playing against other players, but what’s the point right now? It’s factually more advantageous to just get a friend to lose to you. Not even 35 wins against King Elmer will even come close to that (and your odds of getting 35 wins against King Elmer aren’t THAT great that you’ll nail them). At most, that’ll reach 79×35, 2765 points. That’s barely HALF of what you can get organizing yourself easy wins.

There needs to be diminishing returns when winning against the same player over and over, or NPCs need to pay more.

Or, you know, completely redo the way tournaments work, because this is worthless right now. Find friends to rig the results for you or don’t bother.

Some suggestions of duty finder play where you cant pick your opponent are okay and might help to ease the situation.
I think that tracking each players kill list to reduce the ‘same player’ bonus would require intense amount of server data.
They tried the win/loss ratio but this only served to make any player who had been defeated worthless and unable to find a match.

My personal opinion with as to what the biggest fault with the TT right now is the bonus points pure and simple..
Early Play / Leaderboard bonus is too OP. 1 game right at the start is worth 140-150 points (100-110 base), then you get the bonus points added.
It simply means if you play later in the week your at a severe disadvantage to everyone else.
If you remove the bonus points then NPC will be close enough to the player score that it wont leave such a discrepancy.

If you look at it by the main reasons why NPC being useless is that they don’t accrue points fast enough since people win and defeat them.
They only have 35 rounds to score points in and since they lose most games they get knocked off the board too fast, thus they return almost zero bonus points compared to a real player.
I don’t think there is any real way to fix this, other than of course to remove bonus player points.

I myself will only be participating in three more tournaments until I can buy the mount. Each fortnight I lose 1-2 hours playing the required matches and its mind numbingly boring.

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