Normal Alexander killed my drive to Raid

First of all let me start off by stating that these are my opinions. How I feel and what I say represent no one but myself. It would be nice if there were those who felt the same but I know that many likely won’t.

OK so as the title says, I have zero drive to raid because of Normal Alexander. I haven’t logged into FFXIV for anything other than to complete the events. Let me just say that before 3.0 my driving force in logging so many hours of play was Coil raiding. While getting shiny new gear was cool it took a back seat to what is to me more important than a simple gear grind. Story.

As annoying as it was to have story locked behind raiding it pushed me to play more and I had a lot of fun doing and completing final coil with my static. But with Alexander Normal being a thing now I’ve seen all there is to the story of it in a day till they add the Left Arm of the Father or whatever.

This is exactly how I felt when Raid Finder came out in Cataclysm WoW. It was cool at first till I realized how it devastated my desire to raid. In 2.0 I was so very happy that they were keeping story separated with Coil and CT. But now they did exactly what I feared with Alexander.

I understand that many will not agree with this. That many people don’t have the time to devote to hard raiding just to see how some story turns out. For me though it just feels like a big portion of why I play has been taken away and I don’t feel much of a reason to play till 3.1 comes. Story is a big deal to me. It’s the main reason I play anything that has the RPG tag on it. It’s what kept me raiding in 2.5 to finally see the big conclusion for myself.

Any ways that’s enough of my rant. If you feel the need to comment your disagreement or support of my thoughts feel free to. But please keep it civil.

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