Ninja BiS Question

Hey all,

I am a bit confused when it comes to figuring out what I should focus on getting to have the BiS for DPS with my Ninja.

You can view my current gear from the lodestone here or Ariyala’s Site here.

Now as you can see, I currently have the i110 Arachne HQ set, along with the i110 HQ crafted jewelry, all with various melds.

Now I know you want to get at least 435 Accuracy, and I could easily hit that by Overmelding a few of my remaining pieces, but before I invested any more Gil into my current gear I wanted to make sure I had everything right.

I’ve read a few forum posts, and some people say the BiS for Ninja is a mix of Ironworks/Dread.. and then I read another post of people saying the i110 Arachne HQ set fully overmelded is the BiS for NIN… and that’s where I get confused.

I’ve used Ariyalas BiS Solver, and using the default Ninja weights it tells me to go with the Ironworks/Dread mix. While I understand that for the armor, more dex/hp/def, I don’t understand it for the Jewelry, as the stats for the i130 Ironworks jewelry seems subpar to me.

According to Ariyala, using the Iron/Dread mix gives the following stats: 650 Dex, 538 Accuracy, 557 Critical, 242 Determination, 487 Skill Speed, 6539HP.

Now granted, I am missing a few from the couple Overmelds I don’t have yet, but I can always add those in.
Comparing that to my current stats: 560 Dex, 501 Accuracy, 604 Critical, 373 Determination, 398 Skill Speed, 5432HP.

Going with the i130 set means I will:
Gain 90~ Dex
Accuracy is the same either way. Cap regardless.
Lose 70~ Crit
Lose 100~ Determ
Gain 80~ Skill Speed
Gain 1000~+ HP

Reading that should give you insight on why I am confused,.. does the extra dex/skill speed really outweigh the loss of all that crit and det to give you better DPS? The extra 1k HP is just for extra survival.

Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated!


PS. Sorry for Edits/Deletes, for some reason my original post only had a 1000 character limit, so I had to make multiple posts. Weird.

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