Need help with FFXIV ninja

Just hit 46 and got my full arsenal of abilities (except kasatsu).

First problem:
rotation. I cant seem to maintain all debuffs and dots continuously without having downtime or overlaps. This is especially so after applying ninjutsu, which cause different delay to the timings and the movement needed for sneak attacks. I guess my question is more like, is it possible and are we expected to ensure all debuffs and dots are applied at all time?

Second problem:ninjutsu lags (or more like bugs?). My ninjutsu animations go off without the skill actually going off…

Example: if I try to use futon and click through ten>chi>jin rapidly and click the ninjutsu button, very often the RAITON animation would go off (as if jin was not applied). Naturally, I would continue with attacks but once I use a skill, the rabbit medium icon appears at the ninjutsu button. Basically, the skill didn’t actually go off. In the same scenario, if I keep mashing the ninjutsu button, futon animation would go off after ration animation, only that this time futon was actually used. This happens when I try to use Raiton too (then fuma shuriken animation appears when the skill isn’t actually used).

I reckon it is latency but just want to confirm with guys.

This is causing me to mess up rotations even more because I now have to wait and observe (which takes a while) to ensure that the correct ninjutsu is actually used, and making chaining dots and debuffs seamlessly almost impossible.

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