Need advice for clearing Nidhogg EX

My FC and I have been to Nidhogg EX a few times (spent 3 hours so far), but have yet to clear it.

The current situation is:
1.) One or two people always die to cauterize.
2.) We sometimes wipe at add phase due to low DPS, people hit by Were Dragon, especially his fireball attack.
3.) Always wipe at Claw / Fang phase.
We have only cleared the Claw / Fang phase once, but then wiped at tower phase because tanks went to the wrong towers.

Basically, I need advice on how to clear that Fang / Claw phase first.
From what I can tell, the reason for our defeat is:
1.) Blue orb players stand too far south / north and are near spawning orbs.
2.) Blue orb players don’t move when an orb is near them, and get caught in splash damage.
3.) No red player goes to the north to grab orbs which spawn there.
4.) Only 1 or 2 red players go to the center to absorb the shared damage. When only 1 is there, they die.

I am a healer, so I am either red or have no tether. If I have no tether, I not only heal, but Stoneskin blue players. If I have tether, it’s hard to find time to Stoneskin.

Anyway, here is what I think we need to do, but I am not sure if this is correct. Please advise.
1.) Orbs don’t seem to the spawn on the far right side. Blue players should stand to the right side to avoid spawning orbs. Only 1 moves to the center to share damage.
2.) At least 1 red player needs to be up north to grab orbs which spawn there.
3.) As as soon as red player pops an orb, they should move to the center to share damage from a blue player with marker.

The Claw always dies, but the Fang always has HP remaining.
I gave this advice to the FC, but no one seemed to follow it. Is this bad advice? What are we doing wrong?

I think the DPS “should” be enough. Or, blue players are just getting hit by the orbs. How can they avoid the orb better? Is going to the far right a good idea? Or bad idea?

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