My personal gripes and possible solutions for MCH

So as most of you know the MCHs rotation is not exactly… fluid. it has a lot of issues with being consistent and I would like to talk about it a bit and the solutions I have come up with that square could do to help fix the class and make it more fluid.

Lets first start with the problem: ammo. specifically, quick reload and reload although fine on their own, but the ammo counter buff you get is a bit out of place. for one it degrades over time, and that is something ammo shouldn’t do. why should ammo, loaded into a gun, degrade in 30 seconds? also, as the context of ammo goes, it works off our 3 step main combo to allow us to get to clean shot freely and as such we get to play the class. without ammo however, their is a 50/50 that when u use step one u get to advance to step 2 and the same for step 3. so what the game is telling me that 25% of the time that i use skills without ammo (which happens a lot mind you) I get to play the class as it was designedthe other 75% i could get stuck on step one or 2 and never see step 3. why!?! why was the ammo system designed like this? its not like the potency of the skills makes it worth while to have them locked away like that.

so lets compare with our counter part: the bard. The 3 primary abilities of the archer/bard are: heavy shot (potency of 150 with a 20% chance of letting the next skill, straight shot crit), straight shot ( potency 140 and increasing crit rate by 10% thus increasing damage done), and blood letter ( potency 150 cd 15 seconds that gets a talent that allows a crit damage from one of their dots to reset its cd) to the MCH: split shot (potency 140 50% chance to go to slug), slug shot (potency 180 50% chance to go to clean shot) clean shot (potency 200).

Although im sure the numbers make sense and all, but what im trying to point out is that with a string of bad luck without ammo (which has a 60 second cd on 5 ammo and quick reload which has a 15 second cool down for one ammo) is just not enough and results in very irritating game play. Finally getting up to the point where you can use clean shot is not very rewarding as to the work it takes to get up to that point, where bard doesn’t have that issue. they just wait for a crit damage from dots to use blood letter again and just use heavy shot tell straight shot crits.

OK so solutions: if we want to stick with the ammo system then lets make it make sense a bit more. quick reload and reload should just be mushed together and just make reload a 15 second cd or at least shorter then 60 seconds (hell ill take a 30 second cd), ammo shouldn’t be used on anything except the use of our 3 step combo.

i should be able to stock ammo before a fight and still be able to place my dot and my dps increasing skill without using precious ammo. either that or keep the ammo system as is, but merge together our dot and dps increasing skill into our 3 step combo. with slug shot placing a dot as well (with ammo being used) and clean shot giving us hot shot (again with ammo being used) that way we can focus on playing the odds of coin flipping without watching for 2 skills that could use our ammo. and finally our ammo shouldn’t go away. ever. if you have a good reason as to why ammo should decay in 30 seconds i would love to hear it.

now in case you are going to be that person that is like, “If you don’t like the class don’t play it.” I do like the class, and i think it has a good amount of potential, but as it is right now at the core it is a bit annoying to play, but the primary reason im writing this is 2 fold. 1. my fc asked me to pick up the class for our static raid and as such i have complied and will play it which led me to learn more about it. 2. and most important I want to see this game flourish with all of their classes in all things and I find that the MCH has been a bit neglected. I’m sure the numbers are there, but the game play needs some love.

Thank you for your time in reading. If a person of square is reading this I do hope you take at least something here to heart. Happy hunting

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