My opinion on endgame gear progression

NOTE: I am disappointed in how this game is turning out.If you wanna play the white knight and defend this game because it’s the greatest game ever: Yeah got ya, you like it.Don’t be rude in the comments.I’m just venting the disappointment and anger that’s been building up.

So yeah the post may sound angry, just don’t take my anger too serious, kay?I care about this game, I want it to be great.

EDIT: Please note that I’ve just been playing this game for 4 months.I don’t know much about the games gear update cycles.I only know that i240 is easy to get and a lot of people have it.

EDIT 12423508252 : Thank’s for your comments everybody. According to you my complaints are the result of these so called “catch-up” patches.
I’m going to re-evaluate my opinion of the gear progression as soon as a new major content patch comes out.
Hey there,

I main DRK.I currently am full 230/240 on the left side and are working on 230/240 accesoires right now. My weapon is i210.

I have never done Alexander Savage as I haven’t found a party for it yet.I am however doing coil with my FC because none of us ever did t10-t13.

I am not going to rant about the content itself, I’m going to state my opinion on the gear progression.

I don’t really know how to start.What I dislike the most is that raiding doesn’t really reward you.
What is the point in doing the hard content,that Alexander Savage is, if you’re not really getting anything out of it?
i240 armor is extremely easy to get outside of raids.And I do mean extremely easy.
Just do your expert roulette every day, do void ark and weeping city once per week and boom.i240 equipment. Yeah sure breast and pants take 2 weeks but whatever.

Why should I raid if i240 equipment is this easy to get?All you have to do is doing those extremely boring faceroll easy dungeons/raids. Why even bother with savage raids?

Some may say weapons, lets talk about them:

It’s confusing that i240 armor is extremely easy to get but weapons are not.
You actually have to work for your weapons, at least more than for your armor.
The easiest to get not somewhat hard content weapon is the i210 one.Get your i200, run void ark 1 time boom i210.

If you want something better than that do Sephirot EX, and even better is the Nidhogg EX one. That’s no faceroll content (‘im not saying its extremely hard either).

But what about the best weapons in the game? This is where depression,agony and anger starts to pop up.

Animus. Animus is i240 and yet on certain classes better than the i245 A8S weapon. WHAT?! Even if it was better.Why.The.Crap.Is.An.Easy.To.Get.Weapon.That.Freaking.Good ?!

Don’t get me wrong, Animus is the biggest pain in the butt I have probably experienced so far in any mmo by having you do boring lower level dungeons and the failure that FATEs are.
It is annoying to get, but not hard to get.

As I see it Animus is not worth the high amount of boring content you have to do to get it.Even if it’s one of the best weapons.
The i245 isn’t worth it either because it’s nothing special.Hard to get but not worth the time considering if you just shut down your brain and sold your soul to the devil you could get an evenly good weapon.
Honestly Square Enix. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to please Savage Raiders by throwing something to do at them but at the same time give the people that can’t be bothered to even try to finishing niddhog normal without dying the best possible gear in the game?
This is annoying me so much with this game.Square Enix is handing everything away.You don’t have to work for anything.They are even thinking of implementing jump potions so that people don’t even have to play the game! What’s next?Bots that farm EXP for you?
Why not make new characters insta 60 and have the best possible equipment in the game from the get-go?
What is the point in playing this game?

“You’ve got so much other stuff to do!” – Yeah but this is a fighting MMO (and being marketed as one).Not a fishing or crafting or gaterhing mmo.The only reason many people play this game is for the accomplishment.The feeling of having achieved something.

“If you don’t like it why are you playing it” – I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and I enjoy this game when playing with friends.

“What’s your problem then?” – I’m not getting the feeling of having accomplished something in this game.I want to be rewarded for beating hard content.
Honestly people, please tell me what I’m supposed to do in this game.Gear progression is crap, dungeons aren’t even remotely challenging, leveling alt jobs is just tedious FATE grinding.

I am a paying customer, I’m allowed to state my opinion.If you disagree with my opinion feel free to comment but keep it civilized.

During the past 4 months I have lost several ingame friends because they’ve stopped playing.Two of them were playing since 2.0 was released, they didn’t see the point in this game anymore because all they did was beast tribe dailies, roulette, raids once per week then log off.

To all the players that like getting everything shoved into their butt: I hate you, you are ruining the gaming industry.I’m waiting for SE to sell the best equipment in the game on the mogstation.I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

PS: I only rant on the forum. I’m using the forum to vent my frustration and disappointment in this game. Yes there are things that are fun in this game (I enjoy doing Palace of the Dead with friends, Coil is fun too) but since I’m a progression oriented gamer I obviously need progression otherwise I lose fun pretty quickly.

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