My feedback after leveling all crafters to 50

So as of today I finally leveled all eight crafters to 50, this is my feedback solely based on that experience, I have NOT touched the collectables yet or looked at what it takes to get from 50 to 60, this is solely my opinion on the 1-50 leveling experience for all crafters. Alright? Here goes.

1. The CP system: I’ll be the first to say I don’t like this or the GP system either (I have leveled all the gatherers to 60), I am of the opinion that these stats should increase natively as you level to allow you greater use of your various crafting abilities with the accessories either adding a smaller amount or increasing control/craftsmanship instead.

2. The ability cost: The abilities are way too expensive, most of the time I found myself using Steady Hand II and Quick Synthesis to maximize my CP use while crafting the various items I needed to level. It was ridiculously boring, I would have loved to try using all those abilities but when something like Master’s Mend II costs roughly 3/4 of my CP that’s not option. The ability cost should be reduced by 50% for certain abilities (Manipulation, Reclaim, Waste Not) and even more than that for other’s (Master’s Mend I and II). It would make low level crafting a lot more interesting to actually be able to use all these abilities more often.

3. Abilities: This is more of a nitpick, but with Steady Hand I and II, stacks of it should not be consumed on abilities that don’t have a chance to fail. I.E. If I have Steady Hand up and use something like Master’s Mend, it shouldn’t consume stacks, ever.

4. RNG and chance to fail on abilities: I’m also of the opinion that this is sorely unneeded, I believe it should be solely based on your CP management vs the durability, the element of RNG doesn’t make it interesting, it makes it annoying.

5. Leve turn ins: When I leveled fishing there was one thing about certain fishing leves I enjoyed, the ability to turn in multiple items at once, this needs to be baseline for ALL gathering/crafting leves, period.

Overall besides my issues above I enjoyed the crafting, I used leves as my main source of leveling up and it made things quite easy. I used a leveguide that told me specifically how many items I needed and what mats to get, it made leveling crafting way easier for me. Used a lot of leves (and I plan on letting them recharge for a while) but it was well worth it. I felt satisfied after getting the mats and crafting them then getting all that exp, I’m interested to see how leveling from 50-60 is.

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