MU Legend World Maps and Dungeon Detailed

The last player invasion of the MU Legend universe occurred during the stress test on September 23rd. At the time, in order gather as much technical data as possible, only part of the MU continent was made available. Even with this restriction, thousands of fans have expressed their deep enthusiasm for the game after taking part in the test.

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With the OBT release, players will have access to the entirety of MU Legend’s world maps.
Adventuring in a new MMO ARPG world is part of the magic of gaming, and MU Legend’s immense continent will be sure to satisfy even the most adventurous explorers.
To prepare every player, MU Legend’s website now features a set of guides dedicated to the world’s regions and landscapes. Thus, exploration will lead players through three huge territories: “Enova“, “Duelden“, “Litenberg ”  and the big merchant city of “Ordhor”.
MU Legend, being the prequel of MU Online, brings a new twist to well-known elements of the franchise. The MU Legend team commented:
“In essence, we wanted MU Legend to embody the iconic legacy and epic lands of the MU franchise. Therefore, some place names will surely trigger beloved memories in any MU veteran: Devias, a big city in MU Online, is only an outpost in MU Legend. In this way, fans can truly witness the evolution of the MU universe!”
Additional territories will be revealed in future expansions, as players level up and progress through the game. Of course, fans will be happy to hear that further territory expansions will be provided absolutely free of charge.
Among the new guides released today, one of them will no doubt be of particularly high interest to players: The dungeon guide. A previous Gaming 101 article posted by the MU Legend team describes the dungeon system of the game. The dungeon guide added on the MU Legend website today gives an in-depth breakdown of the core mechanics themselves.
Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, enthusiastically commented:
“I can tell that, from the casual player to the most avid fan of ‘dungeon crawling’ (I confess that I am one myself), all will be delighted to get their hands on the dungeon guide.
In this guide, for example, you will learn that there is not only one category of dungeons but plenty! And the beauty of it is, they cover everything that players expect: Treasure hunting, Mythic mode, big challenges, group dungeon expeditions and, of course, leveling.
Party leaders will certainly have this specific guide open as a tool of knowledge while they organize their troop before attempting a dungeon expedition.”
The dungeon guide is a must-read for any MU Legend player. Its content is so thorough that the most famous dungeons (Blood Castle, Endless Tower, Lupa’s Labyrinth, etc.) all have guides of their own.

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Free of charge to Play Games You should Try

A typical misconception some gamers have is the fact that free of charge games are poor, or they find you as pay-to-win. Of course, that is not wholly true for every MMO. Here are some Free to Play Steam Games that prove they’re just as perfect as paid ones.
Mu Legend

Hi Mu legend Fans, Webzen published Mu Legend OBT Are going to be released November 7th, 2017, if you want to know more info, guides and Mu legend zen you may go mu2zen. mu2en as a professional Mu legend zen website supplies safe, speedy and affordable Mu legend products for you. MU LEGEND may be the highly-anticipated action MMO plus the follow-up to MU On the net. It options fluid and impactful hack slash combat, content material that caters to each solo and party play, as well as a planet that’s deep and intriguing that may satisfy new players and fans alike. Players can pick from 4 distinct classes: Darklord, Whisperer, Blader, and Warmage – and engage in the endless battle amongst the planet of MU and Pandemonium. MU Legend gives spectacular visuals that may run on lower-end systems as well as presently detailed art style with beautiful effects.Straight in the start out, MU Legend empowers its players with a particularly action-driven and fast-paced gameplay encounter, in typical hack ‘n’ slash tradition. As opposed to most current action RPG games, all classes in MU Legend possess strong area-of-effect skills suitable for the start out, creating leveling an actually thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.

Dota 2

This list cannot be full without having the direct successor of the granddaddy of all MOBAs. What was once a custom map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the sequel is now a game that runs around the Source two engine.
It’s virtually precisely the same game despite the fact that a faction and hero names changed on account of a wide variety of causes, which includes copyrights. Irrespective of the modifications, it’s still the same MOBA with an exciting, challenging, and harsh metagame like no other. Other than rehashing hero and group names, the game has added the following:
New capabilities: cosmetic products that modify how heroes, the map, as well as the appears on the UI
Quality-of-life improvements: added shortcuts and hotkeys
New heroes: ones that were never on Dota’s initially roster
Also, Dota 2 includes a broad, lively, wholesome, and competitive esports scene.

Path of Exile (POE)

At first glance, some players call POE as a Diablo rip. It is not hard to see why people today say this given that the game also has your usual character class archetypes, randomized troves of things, plus the similar dark and gothic atmosphere. That rapid judgment the game often receives, having said that, is rapidly dismissed once players uncover its exceptional character customization and progression technique. In turn, this allows them to customize their POE characters.
On dominant of those defining traits, POE lately got bigger in its Return to Oriath expansion. With five new acts that continue precisely where the game final left off, new maps, products plus a character customization system for characters, this hack-and-slash dungeon crawler became new one-of-a-kind.More information go Poecurrencybuy


The title refers to the high-tech battle suits players don in the game, which takes place in a globe of ultra-advanced tech and interstellar travel. There is undoubtedly a wide variety of Warframes, and every single one has its function, specialty, and play style. It’s as much as the players to make a decision which ones are a good match.
Apart from the contemporary aesthetics and cool suits, Warframe is mostly about combat. The fighting is sleek and smart since it’s just not about who has more rapidly reflexes, it’s about who has the improved approach to conflict. If you’d like fast-paced battles in a futuristic sci-fi universe, you cannot go incorrect with Warframe.More information about  Warframe go R4PG

If you need a hero-based shooter but are not sure if it’s worth purchasing a PVP-only game, Paladins is usually a healthy alternative which has several twists of its personnel. Paladins have more MOBA components than Overwatch. The heroes have a lot more skills under their belt, and like inside a MOBA, heroes’level up within the match. It provides players a sense of progress, along with the capability to have the benefit if they play their cards correctly.

ArcheAge is a sandbox MMO from Korean developer XL Games, which gave us Lineage. It delivers usual role-playing game fare: a sprawling medieval fantasy world and a great deal of content. What are the items that make ArcheAge distinct? Suitably, a diverse class system, a strangely fascinating exploration and trading, and freedom to accomplish a vast quantity of factors.

Mu legend Dark Lord will be the guardian of the world

MU Legend’s infamous Dark Lord, equipped having a shield for extraordinary defense, is a class that is effectively suited to major battles from the frontline. Instrumental in freeing humans from the Ashes, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for fantastic energy.

The Dark Lord utilizes a scepter plus a shield for recovery and support capabilities, and he’s instrumental in growing the combat effectiveness of parties. Alternatively, his shield may be relinquished in favor of a two-handed bludgeon that’s optimized for damage dealing. This enables the Dark Lord to utilize highly effective region attacks and crowd handle to raze battlefields.

The Dark Lord assists party members and defeats foes within the thick of the action.
The Dark Lord utilizes the scepter as well as the shield to command the battlefield. He leads the battle in the frontline with overwhelming defense and has various recovery and assistance expertise to improve the combat effectiveness of party members.
He also can use the two-handed bludgeon by providing up to the shield, granting him powerful region attacks and crowd-control abilities. Although he’s mainly utilized as a tank, his damage-dealing abilities will not be to be ignored.

The commander from the battlefield plus the guardian on the globe.
The Dark Lord is the go-to point man for parties. Proficient in drawing the enemy in and withstanding attacks, he carries out his function as a tank with ease. He utilizes his scepter and shield to subdue the enemy with excellent power, so if tanks are your preferred characters, the Dark Lord would be the one particular for you personally.
The Dark Lord does not have numerous attacks that allow him to charge the enemy. Having said that, he has high HP that allows him to attack enemies from a distance or pull them closer without having being killed effortlessly. He has the highest HP and defense among each of the classes in MU Legend and is the principal tank class that may cooperate with other players. Take into account that this class is a lot more suited to party play in dungeons, as opposed to solo play.
His mobility is not fantastic, but he has a lot of skills which are beneficial to parties. He can recover HP for himself and his celebration members, and he can defend them temporarily with defense buffs. The potential to come to be temporarily invincible and to take away debuffs from party members tends to make him a precious asset in battle.
Even though the Dark Lord can be a melee warrior with somewhat low mobility, he proves his worth with his aggro-boost ability that’s useful when coping with dungeon bosses, enhancing celebration members’ stats when it counts. He also features a talent to lessen the movement speed of various enemies and can attack lots of monsters at when.
The Dark Lord can use a one-handed scepter along with a shield, using a two-handed bludgeon also at his disposal. The scepter and shield are extremely useful for tanking in dungeons, and the two-handed bludgeon is valuable for solo play or although hunting.

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When equipped with all the two-handed bludgeon, a certain quantity of defense converts into attack energy.

The cute little pets in MU Legend offer your characters with quite helpful stats

Pets in MU Legend give characters with further stats. From basic-stat boosts to Companion Pet effects, you will locate these creatures to be really useful. Pets also grant fundamental stats, which raise in number as they level up.Now Mu2zen shares with you The MU Legend pets Developing and Getting guides for newbie. Mu2zen as an expert Mu Legend zen internet site, gives secure, rapidly and low-cost Mu legend redzen for you. Rates get started at Andriod,ios,Pc. With over ten years of excellence, we’ve served thousands of consumers. If you are hesitating exactly where to purchase Mu legend items, Mu2zen will likely be a superb option.

Pets could be obtained as an item, and also you can right-click on a pet to register it. You can register only 1 Summoned Pet, which will comply with you about. Pets which can be not summoned is often registered as Companion Pets, which give you an ally bonus.
Pets registered as Companion Pets don’t comply with you and will not allow you to use their stats. Instead, because the sum on the combat energy of all registered pets increases, you will be granted more stat bonuses. Regular (Legendary) Companion Pets grant more Zen, Material (Hero) Companion Pets grant improved monster EXP, and Help (Legendary) Companion Pets grant increased Soul EXP.

The cute little pets in MU Legend offer your characters with quite helpful stats. You will get boosts in attack, extra harm, HP and also combat power. Only Summoned Pets have their basic stats applied to your characters, so it’s critical to take that into account when deciding which pet you need to summon.
Only 1 Summoned Pet can be registered at a time, and it is going to stick to you everywhere. If you let your character rest to get a long time, pets will do cute motions. Cats wash their faces with their front paws, and Igrits do backward somersaults.
Pets are readily available within a array of species, and you can locate a range of kinds, which includes Beast, Standard, Assistance and Insect. Every single form of pet also has distinctive stats. Insect pets have stats such as “Plant Added Damage”, “Insect Further Damage” and “Insect Damage Reduction”.

What are Summoned Pets and Companion Pets?
Once you’ve obtained a pet, open the Inventory > Premium Inventory and right-click around the pet for rapid registration. Press hotkey [U] to access the Handle Pets window and view the pets you’ve registered. You then add them as a Summoned Pet or possibly a Companion Pet.
Summoned Pets and Companion Pets are diverse to one another. Though Summoned Pets follow you about and grant you their basic stats, Companion Pets usually do not grant you their stats and keep hidden from view. Instead, because the sum of their combat power increases, you will get further stat bonuses.

Obtaining pets: Get pets from Fabrice’s Garden.
It is possible to get pets from Fabrice’s Garden in the Area of Duty, Ohrdor. Once you clear the dungeon, you are going to get a cube that offers a random item, and there is a certain chance you may get a pet. You have to be Lv. 25 or above to enter this dungeon. It’s only offered as soon as every day, so make sure to get as several pets as you possibly can by clearing it daily.

Growing pets: Use other pets as material.
You could develop pets to increase their combat power and fundamental stats. Register the development pet first, then register the pets you want to use as material. Pets are grown employing the EXP calculated in the grade and degree of the material pets. The star rating in the pet will adjust after it really is grown. As an example, a Tier 1 ?0 Igrit Pet will turn out to be a Tier 1 ?1 Igrit Pet.
Magic Gems and Zen are also necessary for growth. Magic Gems are largely obtained inside the Magic Gem Mine, and you are going to earn lots of Zen from hunting, quests or in Luery’s Secret Vault.