Moonshade Isle Cartel

Moonshade Cartel is a reformed (Large house, airships rank 8 and the such) free company that is looking build a new core group and expand their group of friends.

What makes Moonshade Cartel different?

-We are looking to bring back the community aspect to FC’s. Many Smaller FC’s are focused on a single static, or a static in general and a lot of the day to day management falls to the wayside. Although we may eventually have a few statics in the FC and plenty of members already part of statics not based around an FC we plan to keep the social aspects and the static aspects separate.

Do you guys do Diadem? I like Diadem.

-While Diadem is an oasis of fun…. many of our members enjoy Palace of the dead, old and current Primals and are especially excited for the upcoming addition to Palace of the Dead and to venture back into Diadem when the upcoming revamp hits that. Also why do you like diadem, ew!

I don’t raid….

-Hey that’s okay! no matter what you enjoy doing in game you’ll find other like minded and mature players that you can clear or craft with to your hearts content. Or you can ignore everyone and brood in a corner! (Our home has lots of empty corners for you to brood in)

Did you steal that?


This sounds haphazardly strewn together and just crazy enough to work! How do I find out more, or berate you in game?

-Just Whisper Piney Poe in game! Or punch him, he’s a lala he doesn’t have feelings haha! You can also find Tiger Fury to ask him to hit Piney Poe for you if your busy in game or if Piney is not online.

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