Lucis Tool reclaim mismatch

The Calamity Salvager can be used to reclaim an acquired Lucis Tool – it’s under the option “Purchase Quest Rewards (Arms)”.

However, the Item IDs likely got finger fumbled when they were entered.

I have only acquired one Lucis tool: Ulikummi Lucis
When I visit the vendor, I can only reclaim one Lucis tool: Chantico Lucis (which I have not crafted)
The correct lucis tool is not listed at all, only the incorrect one.

So there is definitely a mismatch causing the incorrect item to go onto the list.
While you’re correcting this, it would be worth checking the others, in case the entire list is transposed.

Image Enclosed

This is what I hate about this bug tracker being a forum.
Everyone chimes in with their unnecessary opinions about the bugs, which don’t influence the developers either way.

There is no quest involved in acquiring this.
The lucis tool is a level 50 crafting item, not level 60.
You are intended to be able to re-acquire any tool that you have earned.
As a result of this bug, I am able to acquire at least one lucis tool that I did not earn with no effort.
That is a bug.

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