Liveletter “feedback”?

Hi everyone,

So after watching another liveletter I decided that I need to give SE a little piece of my mind haha. Anyway, before all liveletters we are asked to post our questions in a thread and they will answer some of them. Now I don’t know how many times I have seen a sick amount of votes for some questions just to see the community manager just completely ignore them. I did not even bother checking the thread this time so I don’t know if the questions this time were the ones people actually wanted answered the most or if it was simply the way it usually is.

Also maybe the forums are not representative of the playerbase in general and I am in a minority, but even so I believe there could be more balance in how to approach the questions.

I have seen a lot of liveletters, even when I don’t subscribe I usually follow them, and I have come to realize they don’t cater to people like me in liveletters at all. What I mean is that I don’t give a *piiiiip* about hats, minions, housing items, emote poses etc. I care about the gameplay. I want to know about what their plans are for more interesting itemization, ability bloat, horizontal vs vertical progression and so on and so forth. Questions like these so rarely even being recognized is so frustrating to watch. It is as if players like me are just completely ignored for the most part by either the community manager who might think minions are more important or SE because they just don’t want to answer other types of questions unless they have to.

The liveletter we just got was E3, now personally when I think of E3 I think about excitment and something a little more special than usual. That is part of what makes E3 so cool. I was looking forward to the liveletter partly because I really am excited for Deepest Dungeon (it looks great), but also because I figured if there was ever a good time for some more interesting information and some cool announcements that might not be at the level of new jobs which are saved for fanfests, it was at E3. Boy was I wrong.

More or less every single question was about housing, minions, emotes, RMT (which we already know they are working to stop) etc. Not a single question was asked that was interesting to me and just from reading the Twitch chat I know I was not alone in thinking that and unless people just stopped asking interesting questions in those threads (like I said I didn’t read them this time) I can’t for the life of me understand why the focus is so extremely tilted towards one type of player.

I have nothing at all against questions about minions etc, I have nothing against players that enjoy that type of thing and I want SE to answer those questions. It is just that what I would also like to see is a little balance. Please understand that there are some of us out there that really would like other questions answered as well. Even if just a couple. Please try to balance it more between different types of questions.

Lastly, just one thing… I have already learned that SE are experts at announcements of annoucements, but even so I always get my hopes up and yesterday was a good example. If you are at E3 and you claim to have some cool announcements at the end of the stream, again please try to balance those towards your whole playerbase. Plushies and dates for fanfest? I wasn’t even expecting a lot because I know most things will come at the fanfests, but that just took the cake in uninteresting information for me. Again, do I mind that is announced? No of course not I know there are a lot of people that get excited about that type of thing, but could you not have give us at least something small about the actual game? It was E3.

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