Yes its another thread about Merit points, however, I won’t post in an already active suggestion thread because I’d feel like it would be high-jacking someone else’s suggestion so that out of the way, I hope you are ready to read! (I’m not kidding its a lot of information but you can skim through it I suppose since not all the jobs will pertain to everyone) At the very least enjoy, and let me know what you think below!
Okay now that the introduction is out of the way let’s get into the meat of this suggestion. MERIT POINTS. Lots of people want them, including myself, to be able to create different builds of the same job depending on a play style that most fits you personally. Even if people build the same build so be it, at least its dare I say it–not mandatory for you to build to a certain spec. One thing I’d like to point out, the the document shared in the link below there is a group that has the cross class abilities, when merited those increases will be able to be utilized on ANY job/class that can equip those abilities, not just the class that learns it naturally. All the other abilities that appear within the confines of the job section of the document (even if said ability in that section is a cross-class ability) it will only be increases to the class/job that learns the ability naturally.

Finally, a note on how it would work:

It would function similar to Final Fantasy XI’s merit system where you would switch to Limit Points instead of Experience Points when you reach the level cap. From you would need to kill experience yielding monsters for your limit points, however this is where it would differ from XI’s. Instead of converting EXP into LP. Limit Points would be gained based on kill count of experience yielding monsters. Both in Dungeons and in the Open World areas, Fates included. For Crafters and Gatherers this would be based on a combination successful of HQ and NQ crafts/gathers.

Let me give an example:

Normal level 60 monster would yield a level 60 player 400EXP, while under Merit it would gain 1LP. It would take 100LP to get your first merit (this is just a number im making up at the top of my head) or basically 100 EXP yielding Monster KOs.

For gathering you would need to completely harvest an EXP yielding node to gain 1LP and 100LP would get you your first merit.

For crafting you would need to craft 1HQ and 50NQ EXP yielding items to get 1LP and 100LP to get your first merit.

Of course those are just quick numbers I made up so they would need to be evaluated first to find a nice balance as there are A LOT of merit options! Needless to say I’ve prattled on long enough, so here is the link; enjoy!

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