Just some of my thoughts about blade and soul

1. Dest bots are nearly impossible to lose to. This is shown by our inflated ratings, but obviously there are the underlying minority that still lose to them which puts bots all the way up to plat.
2. Not counting mats, 1 upgrade is about equal to the amount of gold earned in 1 day. Bots actually help with upgrading because of how easily they destroy the costs of mats. Everyone can complain all they want, but it’s so true that bots reduced upgrades by maybe 1/3 of what it should be.
End game is kind of lacking I agree. We’re short on meaningful content.

3. GPU is not the deciding factor for performance in this game. You need a CPU with good single-threaded performance. Even then this game runs like crap with tons of people around so not much anyone can do here.

4. You complain about lacking endgame then about content coming too fast. Pick one :
Like I said before, bots are cutting down on the hours you need to grind, so this shouldn’t even be a complaint at this point.

5. This is the internet.

7. Linking PvE and PvP content together makes each side worthwhile to do. If one side has no meaningful rewards, no one will do it. But yeah, bots kill the fun in PvP.

8. I like how almost no one even realizes what’s be done so far about bots. Bots will always be an ongoing issue for any MMO. If you followed the game from release, NCSoft did implement a few things over time.
Faction chat is much cleaner than it used to be. There’s a list dedicated to spam bots and it’s easy to manage with a function to delete the entire list. There were also a few ban waves going through that wiped out a ton of bots. But obviously this isn’t enough. It’s like battling cancer, it’s tough. Maybe our player base likes buying gold?

9. Again, we’re short on content. Not sure what else to say without repeating.

Note: I’m not defending bots, they are a double-edged sword. People like to complain about how it destroys the economy yet at the same time talk about how hard it is to upgrade gear. Seriously just pick one, you can’t be on both sides of the spectrum. The only things they truly do at the same time is kill the fun in entry PvP and slightly annoy you in chat.

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