Jumbo FFXIV cactpot as boring as real lottery

After several weeks of playing both mini-cactpot and jumbo cactpot, I don’t feel the slightest bit EXCITED to do the weekly cactpot. The first week I was eagerly awaiting the results, but now I don’t even care if I miss the “early bird” bonus. And, I think it all comes down to one simple reason.

Jumbo cactpot requires your numbers to appear in ORDER for any prize to be awarded. That means only a 10% chance at a 1K MGP (you can frequently get that much from mini-cactpot), a 1% chance at 10k MGP (I’ve gotten that 6 times from mini-cactpot) and a 0.1% chance at 100k MGP. Yes, there seems to be one person each week that gets the 1M payoff, but that is still close to a .01% chance.

So for everyone who isn’t the big winner, we have a whopping 10% chance to get the same MGP that you can win for punching ol’ Greg in the face 100 times. Or a 1% chance to score the same MGP I just pulled out of mini-cactpot two days in a row. And you get to wait a week for it. How EXCITING!

Now, I’m not suggesting MGP rain from the sky, but considering you wait a week for this, how about increasing the odds that SOMETHING happens? My suggestion is awarding prizes for numbers selected, but NOT in order.

All numbers in order- 1,000,000 MGP
Last 3 numbers in order – 100,000 MGP
4 Numbers any order- 15,000 MGP
Last 2 numbers in order – 10,000 MGP
3 Numbers any order – 8,000 MGP
2 Numbers any order – 5,000 MGP
Last number in order – 1,000 MGP
1 Number any order – 500 MGP

With this system, you almost always stand to win something which makes the jumbo cactpot more interesting. As it stands now, I make more MGP EVERY SINGLE DAY from mini-cactpot than I do after waiting a solid week for the jumbo cactpot.

And just to clarify, my winnings of date are 564 MGP from Jumbo Cactpot, and 63,151 MGP from Mini Cactpot. Win big, win small, there is just a lot more going on with the Mini Cactpot.

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