Is it time to get rid of the PIE party bonus?

With the addition of AST to the game we now have 2 healers that give a PIE party bonus while only one (WHM) gives a MND bonus. This creates some imbalance as MND not only affects healing, but healer DPS as well. It’s in fact probably the biggest loss in an AST/SCH party and has been bemoaned countless times in discussions involving AST/SCH on this forum and others.

Now, I think everyone gets that party stat bonuses were added early to the game to avoid class-stacking. However, I think it is now largely obsolete because:
In terms of utility, the jobs balance each other out well enough in a typical full party setup that you don’t really want to stack a single class.
Similar roles typically give similar bonuses (MNK and DRG give STR, all 3 tanks give VIT etc.), with the only disparity we have being in the healer role. It was designed that way to promote having a WHM/SCH combo during 2.x and pretty much nobody complained because WHM/SCH was the norm back then. Well, it still is, but for different reasons.

I’m questioning why the only healer combo to be penalized with a significant (3%) main stat loss would be AST/SCH. There are two (maybe three) ways to adjust this system:
Give every healer a MND bonus and give up on PIE. This is probably not ideal but would be reasonable. Alternative would be to give every healer a MND bonus, PIE bonus on top of it for full party.
Give a MND bonus to Diurnal AST and a PIE bonus to Nocturnal AST. I’m not really sure they can technically make that work as it seems to be inherently tied to the jobs in the party.
Significantly revamp the whole party bonus system as it is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist in the first place.

What do other players think? Is it an interesting system that should be kept as is? Should it be revamped? Should it be dropped?

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