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Hello, I am a new player to Final Fantasy XIV. I grew up on Final Fantasy games ever since they were first released in the US and I have been playing MMOs for about 12 years now.

So far this game is leaving a mostly positive impression on me, however, the combat is… pretty much a cookie cutter copy of every other MMO. But am I not deep enough into the game to see a more active and engaging combat system? Or is the face value I see now all there is to it?

To provide a more accurate comparison, my main MMO is Mabinogi. If you are in the middle of a combo, and your enemy can successfully load a counterattack, you are countered, knocked back, and your combo canceled.

I do not like standing there, letting the system just autoattack my way to a victory. Maybe I should choose a different class?

Answers to any of my questions or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

Monk and lancer are much more specific about having you pull off specific combos or weave combos together for the best effects. There are also bosses and mechanics who will knock back or kill you if you attack them from the wrong direction. Keep in mind early game FFXIV is assuming you have no mmo experience whatsoever and is holding your hand until level 50. It does let go a little bit at a time starting from levels 32, 44, and 47.

Also, Healers generally have the most boring damage rotations in this game. It is at most 3 DoTs and a situational damage spell. Also, be aware when playing this game that the devs designed a class at level 50 and then just took away abilities as they lowered the level.

It makes combat feel fundamentally different from other MMOs which give you all abilities starting from level 20 and then gives you the same ability only with more base damage. Every ability scales with your level and stats and is improved subtly with tweaks to the rotation or new combos later on.

This means you will use every skill you get on your hotbar. There are some that are more situational or very niche, but there are very few abilities that flat out replace an existing one (Conjurer’s Stone 3 and Stone 2 is the only exception to this design that i know of).

So yes, if combat at level 20 is boring, it is literally because you are playing with less than half of your abilities (you don’t even have a full 3 button combo yet) until level 50. After 50 to 60, there are a lot of gameplay changes to the classes/jobs that makes them more complex and complete.

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