Improving UI & Keybinds – Redundant Restrictions

Hey there.
I’d like to see a simple, straightforward improvement to keybinds and dialog UI.

My suggestion extends to any area of the game where it does not make sense to prevent the same key from being bound to different actions.
Specifically, actions that exist in isolated, mutually exclusive scenarios, therefore preventing any conflicts.

I’ll give an example of how interaction with most objects or NPCs works:
1 – You have one of 4 tasks
A – press “next”
B – press OK/Cancel
C – choosing one among multiple answers
D – deliver items
2 – You cannot do ANYTHING else while the game awaits you to complete A, B or C.
While the game is waiting for you to deliver items (D), you can open inventory and armory.

Suggestion #1:
Since you cannot use any of your combat keybinds during a dialog:
1 – Assign a keybind to each option in dialog/interactions.
Dialog option #1 (1 by default)
Dialog option #2 (2 by default)
Dialog option #3 (3 by default)
Next (1 or Space by default)
OK – (1 by default)
Cancel – (2 by default)

Example – Dialog:
I’ve been wanting to talk to you…
Next (Space)

Example – Dialog Answer:
What do you think of my blue shirt?
(1) It’s amazing!
(2) I have better.
(3) It’s green…

Example – Object:
Press the lever?
OK (1) Cancel (2)

Then allow us to change those keybinds.
“Dialog options”, “Next” and “OK/Cancel” should be treated as 3 different keybind groups that can share keybinds since they are mutually exclusive.

Suggestion #2:
Allow our directional movement & Strafe keybinds to be used to navigate options in the SAME circumstances described above (where your character cannot do anything else).

Please let me know if I overlooked something.

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