I’m not an entirely new player to FFXIV

That would be a terrible name for a superhero, wouldn’t it? Still, I thought it would work for a thread title.


I’m not an entirely new player to FFXIV, but I didn’t really get much of a chance to play before being forced to take an extended hiatus (a little over a year, yikes!) due to RL issues so I may as well be. Since I don’t really have any characters worth saving (not high level nor have any particularly special items that I can’t do without) I’m going to be starting over and learning the ropes once again.

As far as I know, none of you would know me as I didn’t really make any friends during the brief time I originally played. It wasn’t like I was rude or anything like that, I simply kept to myself while trying to learn the game and grouped up a grand total of twice. But I’m hoping to change that this time around!
A Little Info About Me
My name is Brandon, but most people call me Buddy (my childhood nickname) or Bob (after “Silent Bob” because I often wore a long coat and backwards cap and seemed to get myself into weird situations). I’m 35, a cancer survivor (been in remission for decades, but still have some health issues and complications due to both the cancer itself and some of the treatments), I’m hard of hearing (I can technically hear, but it is bad enough that I’m considered legally deaf) and, if I’m being honest, I’m a bit odd. I’m not trying to be odd, it just seems to happen naturally.

I would also like to apologize in advance if I seem a bit chaotic in terms of playtime or being on the forum. Due to some of my health issues as well as the medications I take (including, among others, a painkiller and muscle relaxer for a nerve condition), I don’t keep a normal sleep schedule. So one day I may be on at 6 A.M., the next I might not be on until 8 P.M. or so. It isn’t always such a drastic difference, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. I try to keep promises if I say I’ll be around at a certain time for an event or gathering or group or something like that, but otherwise I just play whenever I’m feeling up to it.

A Little Info About My RP History
Honestly, I’m not sure what to say or where to begin. I’ve done a lot of different RP in a lot of different games and other places over the years. I’ve had characters that I played in EverQuest (and EQ2), City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies and so on.

I’m by no means an “expert”, nor do I expect others to live up to some arbitrary standard (aside from little things like respecting other players or not to godmode other characters without permission and things like that). I just like to have fun and build a story as it comes.

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