Idea: Dungeon Quests

Quests in a dungeon, multiple ones. Reason? To have more reasons to run these dungeons. Given the fact that this game requires us to run most of these dungeons for one purpose just to run them alot later (besides relics and cosmetics), others would love to learn more about the place they explore, what can be found there, tales that are unheard of that can only be experienced in those places.

To explain how it works is rather easy. Just have specific quests available for any player and allow for special interactions in different locations. Some require to fight special monsters, others have you gathering or even investigating fauna or mysteries. Yeah it will require some players to help out but none will go unrewarded as they’ll be notified at the start of each dungeon if a player has special quest to complete there. What those rewards are just use your imagination, something fair for the effort idk.

Although accepting these quests could be beneficial for the players as they can receive special gathering materials in bulk, perhaps plenty more silk than grinding them in one area for period of time. Or simply a buttload of gil, like 5 digit goods. 10k and nothing less. 200 crystals wouldn’t be so bad in these quests either as you gather them in dungeon. (BTW when I say gather I mean “kneel” at a shiny spot and pick stuff up :/ )

Final note: I know some people don’t like extra stuff in dungeons most likely since it messes with their grinding, but frankly I don’t care much for grinding as repetitive gameplay annoys me. Good for you that you like dungeons being little roller coaster rides with no diversity, not everyone is like you. After all, ‘to everyone their own’ as they say.

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