I play a warrior/Final Fantasy XIV tank

Question for the devs – Turn 9 Tank Loot, Instance mechanics and Exchange options

I’m not sure if the developers actually do read the forums and collate feedback, but I’m just going to put it out here anyway.

I play a warrior/tank and I understand that the High Allagan Heavy Coat for PLD/MRD drops ONLY in Second Coil Turn 4 (Turn 9).

In the past month, I have been attempting this instance 10-30 times each day through the duty finder in an attempt to obtain the High Allagan Heavy Coat and have done this close to 400++ times and only 3 parties have cleared it without a loot drop.

Just to pre-empt un-constructive comments

1. I have tried using the party finders
2. I have tried organizing groups using Link Shells
3. I have tried organizing groups within the FC

Nobody wants to do Turn 9 anymore, everybody is doing FCOB. Not that there is anything wrong with that, everybody wants to get to BIS ASAP. There is always the backup of the duty finder.

This is naturally the only option open to me, the duty finder. A good 90% of the parties struggle in Phase 2 golems, not to mention Phase 3 or 4. Inevitably, it always ends up as failure after failure and countless hours are just wasted. Only 3 parties have cleared it so far; that is a success rate of less than 1% so far when using the Duty Finder for Turn 9.

I really DO NOT UNDERSTAND why are tanks subjected to this treatment of having their loot locked up behind an instance that is IMPOSSIBLE to clear in the duty finder.

Three pre-requisites are needed, a clear of the Turn 9 then a RNG roll to decide what loot drops then another RNG roll to decide who is able to get the chest piece assuming it drops.

Before somebody says “filthy casuals do not deserve to get raid loot” or “Why should players get stuff handed to them”, remember, this is OLD content in terms of the chronology. The loot from Second Coil cannot be desynthesized, so there is little incentive for players to run it as well. Overtime, it may be impossible to even get a party in the duty finder to do Second Coil runs and they become deserts and such symptoms can already be seen for example in turns such as Turn 6 or Turn 7.

BIS gear is currently from Final Coil, sure, keep those instances hard since they are BIS.

I am not asking that the instances be modified to the point where they are just face rolls. Some difficulty is appropriate, but the current iteration is IMPOSSIBLE to clear with a group of 7 random people in a Duty Finder.

The current iteration penalizes:

1. Tanks and classes whose loot are reliant on a Turn 9 clear

2. Players who know the fight but cannot clear it due to the team jump rope mechanics

3. Players who for some reason or circumstances are only able to play the game using the duty finders as a party up option

Having done a month of fruitless attempts at getting the tank chest piece, disappointment is an understatement. It is getting to the point of exasperation and the whole experience is becoming extremely un-enjoyable. Granted that a grind is expected in a MMORPG, but with the way the loot tables are designed and how certain instances like Turn 9 being IMPOSSIBLE to clear in the duty finder, this is beyond just a grind. Why not just simply reserve weapons to drops in gatekeeper instances such as Turns 5, 9, 13 and body pieces from the lower instances?

An element of a MMORPG is to make it such that there is something for a player to aspire to attain. This is definitely not it. In the current iteration, I may never be able to obtain that chest piece even by the day the game closes down.

There are some in the community who are really vocal about changes to mechanics and others getting loot. The question then is

1. “how does it affect you as a person if newer players or players still on older content experience content that is different from you be it in terms of difficulty or mechanics?”

2. These players are not obtaining BIS gear, they’re getting older/outdated gear along their progression in the game and story.

3. If players want a full on experience, there’s always modes like Savage to pit their skills. Games are filled with all sorts of players and as paying customers, ALL should be able to experience the game content instead of being locked out by some mechanics or game design that makes its impossible to obtain loot, not able to watch cutscenes or experience the story.

The next question being that, since no information exists on what will happen to the mechanics of instances such as Turn 9 in future, are the developers open to the option of using Tomes of Poetics/soldiery or some other Tomes/tokens that drop in raids to exchange for High Allagan Gear (similar to the current antique armour pieces)?

I play this game not just for the raids, but also for the visuals, the character designs and equipment designs which i enjoy collecting. It does not seem unreasonable that in time when the ilevel of gear has increased significantly that an exchange option could be made.

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