I have rather mixed feelings


I agree with you that the difficulty of the new raid is more in line with midcore. I am having more fun in it for that reason. That said, I like the fights the least. I don’t hate any of the fights (like how I hated A6S), but I don’t love any of them either. Same goes for Sophia.
Raids Difficulty: Great
Raids Story: Not bad
Raids Mechanics: Not great
Sophia Difficulty: Not bad
Sophia Story: Not great
Sophia Mechanics: Not bad

I think the story was really good and the execution was kinda meh. The pacing felt off for the WoD, and certain things felt a little weird. Like, Xelphatol felt off in many ways. First, we wanted to take a ground approach in so that we wouldn’t be hit with large resistance, but then we were hit with large resistance. We would have faired better just flying to the top I am sure. Second, I felt pretty bad killing all of the Ixali. We went there to stop the Warriors of Darkness and then just decided to slaughter all these Ixali in their homes. It sure made me feel like a hero! Third, the dungeon itself just felt weird. We’re invading their home that is apparently just a bunch of narrow bridges lined together with guards that spend their entire time watching for invaders. Overall the presentation of this part of the story and dungeon just didn’t seem to fit for me. It’s also disappointing that most of the story is just cutscenes now.
MSQ Story: Great
MSQ Execution: Not good
MSQ Length: OK
MSQ Playability: Poor
Honorable Mention: Gu Ba

Wondrous Tails
I have been both impressed and disappointed by this. I went in thinking the idea was pretty meh and that I’d try it out anyway. I’ve done it and it’s hardly meh. It can kind of be fun to go back and do this old content solo, with friends, or in queue. I was surprised to see an instant queue for my healer on T1. That said, the sticker system completely ruins this content for me. The RNG factor is just frustrating and most of the rewards can be obtained in other ways. For example, once per week, I can do 9 different activities in it (or replay some, i.e. solo running Sastasha) for a chance at 2 TierV material, or I can just run PotD or Weeping City to get it and know that at the end of it all, I will in fact get it. None of the rewards in this content are even good enough to warrant the RNG nature of it. On another thread someone mentioned how you get the “best” armor with 3 lines. However, it’s hardly the best. It’s 20 ilvls below the max ilvl in this tier, and each week you’re locked to one of 2 jobs/roles that you may not be playing. I received my 260 chest piece last week, which is already better than the caster chest piece in WT this week.
Wondrous Tails: Mixed

I have got the quest for this, because the same as above I want to give it a try despite my misgivings. That said, I am having a really hard time encouraging myself to unlock this content. It seems so much like Garrison Missions in WoW, and I already know that I thought that was the stupidest thing Blizzard has done (probably ever?). Since coming to this conclusion, I’ve glanced over a few forum threads talking about it – some praising, some complaining – and none of them have made my desire to try this out even more. I won’t grade this, as I haven’t tried it, but I suspect it will rate pretty low for me.

I’m not a fan that this is locked behind crafting/gathering. I find that a lot of casual content in this game is, and it frustrates me as I really dislike crafting and gathering in FFXIV. I do want to have some fun in casual content though.

Gubal Hard
Story: Not great
Mechanics: Not great
Difficulty: Horrible
Atmosphere: Not bad

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