I achieved my 2.0 goals

Hello everyone. I’m just a humble Pre.HW player. I didn’t want to get HW until I did next to everything in 2.0. I accomplished that goal yesterday hitting lvl 50 on all the available jobs, finishing all of the class and job quests and doing all of the group content up to EX Ramuh, Shiva, and Coil (can’t get a group in DF and couldn’t coordinate with fc).

I am content and very burnt out. I’m happy to reach this game. The game stopped being fun when I realized that so few of the classes felt fun, crafting was only rewarding in a system that helps itself, and harvesting wasn’t very useful anything other than being self sufficient in the crafting system. Yup, I made a lot of money, but I didn’t really use it for anything other than bypassing grinding walls and getting HQ mats that I was too lazy to farm myself. Sometime after leveling my 3rd dps class I realized how repetitive this game is and how it lacks any fun value below lvl 50 and even at the higher end, it still feels like a solo game I’m playing with others that are running scripts. I don’t mean using programs, I mean we are suppose to know our class to the point that we are on autopilot and no one is communicating.

It’s just sad, but I do enjoy this game. I want to come back, but only when I can find a class that I’d like to be. I love Monk, love Whm, and love WAR, but it became so monotonous playing either of them and their alternative jobs while the pressure put upon healing and tank jobs pretty high. I can’t recall having fun with this game after everything became familiar and monotonous. The world is beautiful, but you rarely can interact with it when 90% of the time you are in dungeons or doing unfulfilling fates at set places.

Action combat has me sold and more pvp or versus company/world elements. This game lacks in that and makes me feel very disconnected from the bustling world. Idk what it is (probably the lack of difficulty), but FFXIV isn’t as fulfilling or memorable as FFXI. I don’t want them to be the same game, but dang I’ve accomplished a decent feat and feel it pales in comparison to unlocking BLU for the first time on my first try in FFXI or challenging the lvl 75 quest. Running to Jeuno for the first time was more rewarding that FFXIV and I think it’s related to the relative ease in acquiring gear and money in this game, the lack of challenging world content, the power of the character, and the lack of community communication outside of FC chat.

This post wasn’t supposed to descend like this and this isn’t a “I’m piecing out” thread. I wanted to showcase an achievement in my mind for a game genre I never seem to complete. 2.0 content is dead, so me getting a near full set of 130 gear, level capping all of my roles, and seeing the majority of the original game content is enough for me. I look forward to seeing how this game evolves. I don’t perceive it will be any different than what it is now. I look forward to returning and finding the fun again. I’ll probably skip HW to see what new classes come in. Until then, my account will be banned from posting as my sub ends today.

I return to being a lurker.

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