How would you change Nocturnal AST to be competitive against SCH?

AST as a job role is so aesthetically pleasing, and I’d love to main it! However, I much prefer the role of a ‘mitigating/supporter’ healer rather than the ‘main/AoE’ healer. I’ve been disappointed with AST its entire lifespan (and it was my 1st level 60).

I really wish they went with a more unique gameplay design with AST; but that won’t be possible until an expansion. I hope next expansion they focus on the ‘main healer/aoe healer’ aspect of AST and release a new healer truly competitive to SCH.

Regardless here are my ideas on how they could change AST, drastically, to fulfil the SCH role in savage come 3.4 (pure fantasy at this point, but it’s a bit of fun). I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this; whether it would make AST OP, or perhaps boring to play (too much like SCH), or maybe nothing can beat SCH in ASTs current state.

Synastry: Nocturnal Sect Effect: Generate an aetheric bond with target party member. This party member obtains a regen effect. Cure potency: 150. Duration: permanent. Cooldown: 1 second.

This would, effectively, be similar to a fairy. You’d have to handle this effect similar to a fairy, but actively select who the regen should be place on. This gives constant heals similar to a SCH.

Collective Unconscious: Creates a wheel of fortune around the caster, granting Regen and 10% damage reduction for any party member who enters. Nocturnal sect: Cooldown: 45 seconds. Cure Potency: 100, Duration: 15s, Damage Reduction Duration: 18s. *Effect ends upon moving.*

The changes to CU will be its CD while in noct sect and being able to cast. I think having to stay still and having the shield being around your character, rather than being a ground AoE, are both negative enough to justify the addition of a party regen. The CD would bring it more in line with SCHs Sacred Soil (Cooldown: 30 seconds, 1 AF stack) and the regen effect gives something similar to eos’s whispering dawn (the Cure potency of wheel of fortune would be reduced as it is on a lower CD).

Celestial Opposition: Stuns all nearby enemies. Dur: 4s. Also extends duration of beneficial effects cast on self and party members by 5 seconds.
Nocturnal Sect Effect: Spreads any Aspected Benefic/Helios to nearby party members.

Essentially the ASTs version of deployment tactics. This version is not as strong though as; you have to have the AB on yourself and therefore it cannot be effected by convalescence or defiance and you’ll have to position yourself to everybody gets hit by it. Additionally, it will not be possible to spread E4E this way (you don’t have it ofc).

These changes would essentially make both roles more homogenised. While this is not ideal, the current design of AST would mean this is necessary to be competitive against SCH.

AST would bring: Cards (buffs), Disable (able to effect darkness damage).
SCH would bring: Instant AoE (Indomitability), Virus, Eye for an Eye (Effects darkness damage). ‘Safer’ option still, as you’ll be able to move while having Soil active, being able to do more damage while moving (due to extra dots ticking) and having lustrates in case of emergencies.

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