Healing as a Scholar – Need advice

Basically I need advice on playing as a scholar in general and I guess some tips would help, I’m level 50 and scholar is my only level 50 class at the moment.

Basically when I heal I usually use Eos and set them on obey and typically lrt them sustain the tank for a little bit to prolong how long I need before I actually throw a heal onto them, and usually it’s just a physik or two. I tend to monitor everyone’s health and keep the dps topped off while not expressing too much concern with keeping the tank at full health, and just tend to toss Miasma and Bio 2 onto mobs and then use bane to infect the entire group of mobs, sometimes I get close and throw a miasma 2 onto them, I tend to avoid regular bio since it doesn’t seem worth wasting the global cooldown.

As for healing my minion I usually just throw a sustain onto it and don’t worry about it after that.l, the cast is very short and the healing is very large. I tend to not use cleric stance since my action bar is very cluttered since I use almost every skills. I tend to not use cleric stance when dpsing in case I need to emergency heal, which I tend to save aetherflow for so I can use lustrate or energy drain for mana, but I rarely have mana issues since I tend to keep mana potions on me and use aetherflow/energy drain.

Anyways my concerns are as follows:

1. How do I use all my abilities, I know how each ability is useful and I tend to be able to analyze which situation I should use them in, but I have trouble just reaching them or finding enough slots for them.

2. Is there any way in particular I need to micromanage my pet? I see people say they’re able to manage their pet well but I’m unaware of what that means.

3. Should I level my thaumaturge to unlock stoneskin? I kind of hate grinding but I guess I should do it, I dunno.

4. How should I maximize my dps as a scholar aside from cleric stance? Any rotations I should use? I tend to just use Bio 2 + Miasma as my DOT rotation, I also use the level 50 arcanist ability, w/e that is.

5. What things do “good” scholars do? I hear playing the class to its fullest ability is very difficult and I’m not sure what that means or what that involves.

Also any tips in general would be helpful.

1. Well, you should have enough slots on your bar for all of your skills. if for some reason you don’t, then you need to go into your UI hotbar settings and bring out a third hotbar. That’s what I did. This is a must because all of the abilities you get as a SCH are vital. Not to mention you’ll need more room when you start leveling to 60.

2. Eh. I tend to not micromanage my pet very often. I just keep mine on Obey, let Eos/Selene heal as she needs to and just manage when I use their special abilities. That’s about it. Except for larger, raid like instances where I’d place my fairy in the middle so she could reach all party members.

3. And yes, you should level both Thaumaturge AND Conjurer up so you can get your cross-class abilities. Specifically, you’ll need Aero, Cleric Stanc, Protect, and Stoneskin from Conjurer. And then Swiftcast from Thaumaturge. Trust me, you use ALL of those frequently.

4. For maximizing DPS, there isn’t a rotation per se but you definitely need to be using Cleric Stance and Bio. Otherwise you’re falling short. What I did at that level, I’d stoneskin and then immediately adlo the Tank. Switch to Cleric stance. Then Bio 2–>Miasma–>Bio [Bane if trash mob] and then depending on situation switch back from cleric to keep healing OR run up to Miasma 2 and then Aero while running back before using cleric again to go back to healing. Trust me. Much more effective. Also, depending again on how comfortable you are, using Cleric Stance to do a Swiftcast+Shadow Flare during trash pulls is very nice.

5. Really it’s what I’ve already mentioned. SCH is geared to shield and heal and then DPS afterwards. It’s really a half and half job. Heal up, shield, DPS until people need healing again. Heal up, shield, DPS…rinse and repeat. Just remember, Adlo on tanks usually and succor should cover your party. Unless one is taking heavy damage from some mechanic. During big raid wide damage always try to Sacred Soil and THEN succor since using Sacred Soil sometimes lets you cast a free one.

Just takes some practice. You’ll get it down.

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