Healers are supposed contribute to DPS in FFXIV Heavensward

While I know I’ll run the risk of getting flamed, I’ve been wondering for awhile why this was designed as it was.

Please don’t misunderstand the questions as complaints, I don’t have damage numbers I’m merely curious about design decisions and about what the job’s actual role is.
See this more as a White Mage role existential question ^^
Let’s start with an assumption based on the dev info so far.
Healers are supposed contribute to DPS in FFXIV Heavensward.

Cleric Stance
Now with this in mind, let’s take another assumption, Conjurer is the base class for White Mage job.
Cleric Stance is a CNJ ability.
Does it then make sense that the Job that needs to spend the longest in Cleric Stance in order to provide any meaningful contribution for the DPS is the White Mage?
I don’t mean this to complaint about White Mage DPS as I really don’t have the “average” numbers to draw any conclusion compared to the other healers.
But I’m rather curious about why was this the design decision?
Since White Mage is the “pure healer” shouldn’t White Mages then be the class spending the least amount of time in Cleric?
Am I thinking about this wrong?

Accuracy dependency
Considering all 3 of the White Mage dots are accuracy dependent, and that a big slice of the white mage damage comes from Stone 3, is it fair to say that out of all 3 healers, White Mage is also the most accuracy dependent?
A missed dot forces the White Mage to stay in Cleric Stance for a bit longer to reapply and hopefully hit this time.
Again, I’m confused by this design decision.

Aero 2
This dot has an odd duration of only 12 seconds.
Isn’t this duration a bit too short for a dot?
In order to keep it up, White mages have to constantly switch to Cleric Stance, adding further to the Cleric Stance uptime.
It’s simply not as easy to keep up this dot as consistently as others.
What is the reasoning behind this odd design decision for a dot?
So with all that said, if healers have to contribute to DPS in raids, is White Mage providing a good enough contribution as is? Is White Mage DPS high enough to make up for the accuracy dependency. And being the pure healer why is it that White Mage has to stay the longest in Cleric Stance in order to keep dots up and maintain constant damage? Is the “burst” damage high enough to make up for this?

Or is it simply that White Mage as a role isn’t supposed to be contributing as much as other healers towards raid damage?

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