Hajime Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy XV’s PC Version and PSVR DLC


In an recent interview with vidaextra, Hajime detailed about why Final Fantasy XV is delayed, hinted at the possibility of having a brand new DLC for PS VR, and discussed the potential PC version.

Like other Final Fantasy series, both starters and advanced players can enjoy the game equally. Great improvements have been done during the delay, players can except to play the game without any patches. It will be available worldwide on November 29.
Instead of having a new version for PS4 and Xbox One, the development team prefers focusing on the new consoles. Now they’re planning on a DLC for PS VR. Different from the demo at E3 2016, it would be a brand new DLC.

There is no doubt that the PC version will be much better than what we have on consoles. It could take more than one year to develop the PC version since there is much do be done to make it adjust to the engine.

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