GM told me place my Issue here for review. Please read in full

I quit playing over a year ago– We heard of the new expansion and was very excited to return and to pickup where we left off. We pre-ordered collectors editions and re-subscribed for the maximum time possible! We were delighted to return!

When I log in I find out my Free Company (One Winged Angels) is GONE! Not only did we lose all the contents of the FC bank but the access to the bank but someone even disbanded it! We put a lot of work into that Free Company! There was millions in Gil in the bank not to mention a lot of items! This was a small private Free Company JUST for me and my family. All contributions were made by me and my family. We kept all our Gil in the Free Company bank for easy access between us. Either one of out account was compromised or something!

PLEASE READ –> I have been informed of the 35 day rule that was implemented on March 27th 2014. (This was implemented well after we had quit, had we known this was going to happen– we would have banked the Gil and Items in a Retainer.) I understand why that rule was made. If I belonged to a Free Company that had many members contributing and building up the FC to have a Leader quit the game– it would be terrible that these players would lose all their time and efforts due to an inactive leader! I get it! ***BUT*** This is not the case of my FC. As I stated it was just my Family no one else contributed and someone clearly took advantage of this game mechanic and exploited it for personal gain by stealing all the Gil and contents of our FC bank and then slapping us in the face with disbanding it.

It’s so sad and upsetting!! Please someone right this for us. We are so close to contacting customer support to cancel our preorders and requesting refunds for subscriptions.. It’s just heartbreaking!

I have tried contacting phone support after HOURS of wait– to be told I had to contact in game GM via Email. I emailed only to receive template responses. Attempting Phone and Chat support again, I was told need to contact a GM in game — I talked to a GM in game and they referred me here. I find to odd it place this here.. but The GM told me Developers read this that could help me with my family’s loss.

Thank you for you time and understanding– Please put yourself in our shoes and before you reply. Please be kind.

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