Gathering HQ & Extreme Bad Luck Streaks

I am aware of the nature of RNG, but recently I’ve been frequently having the following happen:

1 – With 4 attempts, 93% to obtain Item and 15% HQ, I get 1 HQ item every ~2 nodes (even missing a few attempts).
2 – With 5 Attempts, 100% Gather & 25% HQ or 4 Attempts, 100% Gather & 30% HQ, I frequently get 0 HQ items for 3+ nodes in a row.

This wouldn’t usually bother me, but it happens so frequently that I end up wondering – why did I even spend GP on Leaf Turn/Unearth?

So here is my idea on how to create a soft limit to how bad your luck can get:
1 – Whenever your gather attempt is successful, but fail to obtain a HQ item, you add your HQ chance to a “Luck” counter
It takes 4 fails to hit 100 Luck at 25% HQ; but it takes 8 at 13% HQ.
2 – You are elegible for a bonus to your HQ chance once your “Luck” reaches 100, and this bonus is equal to your Luck above 100
116 Luck = 16% bonus HQ chance.
3 – Whenever you obtain a HQ item, you subtract your HQ chance from your “Luck”.

This does not increase the average chance to obtain a HQ item.
This merely prevents you from straying too far below the average.

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