Game Crashes Windows on Launch After 4/2/2015 FFXIV Patch

Says it all in the thread title. After the latest patch the game manages to crash my entire OS upon launch.

Having something very similar to this, but in my case, it’s actually causing my entire PC to completely shutdown. Only happens with this game, nothing else has been causing it. It can happen as soon as I hit start and attempt to get to the “Now Loading” screen, or it can happen at any random point during gameplay. It has not mattered for location, or how crowded an area is or any other factors to really pinpoint it. I can play for maybe 20mins, 30mins, or even an hour before it’ll happen. I was lucky yesterday and managed ~4? hours or so while a few FC members were teaching me a few new dungeons I unlocked while another wanted to practice tanking. But about an hour after we were done for the night (and after helping the others with their maps), it happened again. Tried again this morning, and happened again after selecting Start, and once again about an hour into gameplay.

It started happening after the 2.55 patch, although it only happened once then (probably lucky though). After the emergency patch that came out after that, it has been far too regular, but I can’t say for sure if it the emergency fix just made it worse or if my play time after then just seems like it’s mostly a result of the emergency patch. Either way, it started on patch 2.55, and never had any problems like this at all before the patch. I’ve turned off all real-time protection in all scanners while running the game, wiped every trace of nvidia drivers/configs and reinstalled fresh drivers (an older version and the latest and left the settings at default to rule out problematic tweaks) and even closed down most other programs while gaming and it has made no difference whatsoever. I’ve even reset the game’s settings.

Pretty much everything minus a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game (or windows). I could also try installing the game in my Windows 10 Preview setup, but if it happens there too, I ain’t expecting much for support for a currently(?) unsupported OS, so….

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