Future raid levels like T4 and A2

How many people feel kinda turned off by these levels where you just have waves of trash thrown at you.

A level can have trash, sure thats fine, but when the entire level is just trash followed by more trash, then it gets kind of boring.
Especially when there are so many waves. We are working out the positioning for wave 7, which requires us to at this point mindlessly grind through our already well practiced motions on waves 1 through 6.

Well I just described any boss with phases didnt I?
The difference is, on a boss there are typically some interesting mechanics, some strategy to counter them, etc. On these “trash boss fights” (from a tank perspective) it is “run to where mobs will spawn, use aoe hate generator to grab mobs, run mobs to group hoping nobody tabs and rips aggro off by bursting the wrong thing, wait for mobs to be CC’d, do meager tank dps… repeat”.

Its worse when you are working on the last few waves, as now you literally just go through the motions to get there, spending some 6-8 minutes every time… Im not really keeping track, Im too busy running around gathering mobs.
The one kinda decent part is the Widows, who have at least some kind of mechanic that requires the tank to pay attention after the initial positioning.

I imagine the idea behind these levels is to create a large target density so people can use their aoes for a change. This can be accomplished by adding a phase where the boss gains sub-targets, like in Qarn Hard. So you can keep the boss-fight feeling and mechanics, while still giving aoe a place in the fight.

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