Fix FFXIV Balmung’s Housing Problem

There is a serious problem with housing on Balmung. There are multiple “dead” plots where people who have unsubscribed have a house they don’t use. People are selling their small plots for almost 6 times what they are worth. It’s not fair to the free companies who want to expand and obtain housing who have the gil for normal plots but don’t have the 6 to 8 times the amount of gil normally needed to buy a plot from a player and then buy the house itself. It’s ridiculous.

Every player across all servers should have the same ability to obtain housing–we all pay the same fee to play. If that means adding more housing for the bigger servers (and Balmung is the only one I’ve heard of that has this issue), then the bigger/more crowded servers should have more housing. It’s not favoritism for one or a few servers. It’s making the field even across all servers. There are more people on these legacy servers so there should be more housing to accommodate.

It makes FC recruitment more difficult and makes us have to spend 6 times more gil for a plot. We shouldn’t have to spend 35 million gil just to get someone to move out of their plot plus buy the plot from the game. Fix the housing system, SE. It’s really unfair.

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