Final Fantasy XIV Location names

I have been wondering, how do they come up with names for locations. I remember reading that the English localization team named the Black Shroud, and it and the alternate name Twelveswood is pretty straight-forward in meaning. Now everything else, well…

Limsa Lominsa – it sounds like a Tarutaru/plainsfolk Lalafell name
Ul’dah –
Gridania – sounds vaguely European
Ishgard – sounds vagely Tolkien
Sharlayan –
Ala Mhigo – first thing I thought of was Nanaa Mhigo/Romah Mhigo from FFXIV

La Noscea – French?
Thanalan – sounds kinda like “Thanatos”
Black Shroud/Twelveswood – self-explanatory
Mor Dhona –
Coerthas –
Dravania – it kinda sounds like “Dragonia”
Abalathia’s Spine –
Gyr Abania –

Carteneau Flats – Frenchy stuff again
Yafaem Saltmoor –
Cieldales –
Rhotano Sea –

Vylbrand –
Aldenard –
Ilsebard –
Othard –
Meracydia – sounds kinda Greek

I should probably stop there……

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