Final Fantasy XIV Items still not storable in Armoire

In the recent patch you made previous event items storable, yet there are still items that have yet to be added to the storage feature of the Armoire.

The Goblin Cap, Fat Chocobo Head, King Slime Crown, Sable Death Mask, Friendship Circlet, Ahriman Choker (And all subsequent contest prizes), Strife Armor, The Wedding Sets, Peach Blossom Choker, Slime Earrings, Dodo Earrings, and the Moogle Attire.

Another thing that needs to be looked into is the storage of Augmented Artifact Armor. The Artifact armor could be treated as the spiritbinding process is treated; the color on the armor is reset whenever it’s stored in the Armoire and picked up again.

I’d also like to make a push to recommend us being able to store the Gear we’ve been able to obtain via Odin’s Mantles and Behemoth horns. I think this should also extend to armor and weapon skins purchased from the Gold Saucer.

I’d also further like to request the ability to drop/discard veteran reward items. I while back I thought the Goblin Cap/Minion veteran reward of mine was never sent, come to find out that I needed to delete a few pieces of previous mail in order for it to show up in my mail box. But by then I had already requested a GM to resend the reward to all my characters; and now I have two Goblin Caps and two minions on each character that was available during the time I requested them to re-send the reward with no way to drop/discard the extras I have.

I believe that having a glamour log can help out with the inventory space constraint issue to a certain degree, but I must disagree with anyone who suggest the item to be consumed in order to add/unlock it to the glamour log. In fact, I think anyone who suggested this ought to deserve getting tied to a wooden log, burn to crisp with multiple flares, then fed to Behemoth.

Let me put it this way, let say if I got a weapon drop from t13, but I’m not too fond of it’s looks, and would rather glamour my zodiac relic (or any stage) over it. Do you seriously think it’s a good idea to consume the zodiac relic and re-do a whole new relic again? Or another case, let say after 300 rounds of fighting with RNJesus, I finally got a tank chest piece from WoD, which I prefer to equip on my WAR and glamour on my PLD, if the chest piece is to be consume upon adding/unlocking to the glamour log, do you honestly expect me to have another 300 rounds duel with RNJesus
to get another piece of tank chest again?

Bottom line is, just bind the item which the player choose to add/unlock to the glamour log to prevent reselling of tradeable items like the existing system already does. There’s no good reason for the item to be consumed except to save the players 5 seconds from discarding the item manually, which I think is a good trade for the trouble otherwise.

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