Final Fantasy XIV Gil Missing character after server disconnection

Hello, I have been referred to this specific “In-Game Bugs Report” by an in-game GM to report my missing character due to a server/game disconnection. I was logged in and playing today on my character “Kilala Ninetails” at approximately 3:20pm when I was suddenly disconnected, when I restarted the game my character Kilala was missing. I did not delete my character, this was due to the game disconnecting. I had the same issue happen in the past and after speaking to the customer service on the phone, the forums, the GM’s, they instructed me to buy a security token because they believed my account may have been hacked. I purchased and have been using the security token now for approximately 6 months and haven’t had a problem until now. Now that my character is missing, the GM informed me that my “one-time character fix due to deletion” has been used, but I did not delete my character, this was a game bug or malfunction due to disconnection. I did not and will never delete my character, even if I was to unsubscribe I would not delete the character myself, I would leave it there to possibly subscribe in the future. Can you please fix/re-instate my character as soon as possible, I am a longtime subscriber and play everyday, I look forward to playing as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

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