FC can work together to reach a goal


I have a plan to move to Tonberry (might be) soon enough and I’m looking for a very special FC in Tonberry to stay.
I have a few candidate to choose from and 100 Acre Wood is in my first list because your family are very active at recruiting ppl. Rarely ppl use their own thread because they don’t really care much about recruiting. This is a big plus for your family (FC).

I’m not a person that like to jump from FC to other FC so I’ll select my candidate very carefully.
My base criteria for FC is about 100 or more members on it and has a FC House, FC House is very important because it show you that your FC can work together to reach a goal.
There are 3 important questions that I need some answer:

1. Activity
How active is your FC at the moment? What plan do you have or use to keep your member interest at your FC and playing FF ARR?
Member activity is very important because nobody want to be alone and left behind.

2. Guild Management
How good is your FC management, FC site, and information sharing? How about the head family, how good is the leader?
If you can’t manage your FC, then there is no FC. FC is a country need to be manage by a strong leadership. FC site is very important to keep your member updated with the lastest information and status of your FC.

3. Guild Friendliness
How friendly is your member to help other member in need? Are they very helpful or just ignorant?
Not all ppl is an old ARR player, some of them are new at this game. Some of them are shy to chat or talk, some of them might not an English fluent speaker. But they are still your family and your friendliness could reach their hand and heart to be more open for their family.

I know I can read the first page for some of this information, but I want a member to answer this question and also for the latest update of your family.
Considered this as a bump and your family recruitment. Also if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer it for you.
Thank you very much.

PvP in FFXIV suffers from so many issues


PvP in FFXIV suffers from so many issues it’s not even funny.

1.) Population
The one main problem of PvP in this game. People aren’t playing, queue times get larger and large queue times turn off people – that’s a feedback loop. But why are they so large in the first place? For a couple reasons.

2.) Barrier of entry
A short list of things you need to do to be competitive will probably get the point across best:
1. PvP Rank 50 to be on par with PvP abilities
2. iLvL 190+ in every slot, at least somewhat min/maxed in regards to secondaries (Accuracy is a no-no)
3. Cross Class abilities
Before you get this, you’ll be at a tangible, numerical disadvantage. I’m already implying that you need to be 60, because lvl 50 queues scarcely pop. This is in no small part caused by the next point.

3.) Rewards
Frankly, rewards are there to get people who do not enjoy PvPing to PvP anyway to lower queue times, because people who enjoy PvP will PvP anyway. That’s the exact same purpose rewards serve in all other content. You need an incentive, because fun isn’t cutting it. And PvP rewards fail gloriously in that, because the reward to effort ratio is way too small. Lo and behold, the queue times suck.
The ranked rewards in particular are a complete joke. Since they are dependent on current rating, it means that once you qualify for them, you do not want to play anymore, because playing can make you lose them, which every season causes players to “sit it out”. People who come late, aren’t skilled enough or just cannot afford to play that much have no reason to play ranked at all except for the lulz. It’s complete and utter reward mismanagement.

4.) Toxicity
When competition runs high, so do tempers and toxicity is bred. All PvP games suffer from this to some degree due to the high rate of losing and ranked modes always suffer more than casual modes, because there is more on the line. The introduction of ranked was completely counterproductive on this front – toxicity has increased massively from before it was a thing. Some streams can be downright grueling to watch and unfortunately not all of that stays in the room of the streamer. And that again only makes people less inclined to play – it’s one of the most commonly named issues in regards to PvP.

5.) Visibility/Accessibility
PvP doesn’t get introduced until fairly late into the game. I would not be surprised if many people didn’t know PvP was a thing in the first place because they missed the sidequest. It doesn’t add a lot to the lack of players, but at the numbers we’re talking about, every bit counts.

6.) Bad resource usage
In League of Legends, the most renown E-sport title and a primary PvP game, only 10% of the monthly active players are ranked. Out of those, 90% are gold rated or below. PvP as such caters to a minority – ranked caters to a minority of the PvP minority and the top 100 rewards cater to the minority of skilled players that are interested in ranked. Catering to that is a highly inefficient resource usage and considering how few resources PvP has in the first place from being a minority niché, it’s just plain an utter waste.

Honestly? They need to go into the polar opposite direction if PvP is ever supposed to become more than a shadow at the edge of obscurity. But then again, who wants that?

FFXIV OST – Sophia’s Theme

The “Divine Lady Deity” of Yunalesca and Sophia, The Goddess’ designs are rather standard for goddess type characters. What makes them both unique, and solidifies that Yunalesca is based off of Sophia, is the fact that they’re both standing on a giant head.

Calofisteri is from FF5, and Echidna is from FF3.
It’s actually pretty smart how they designed Echidna. In FF3, Echidna is upside-down because
she’s hanging from the ceiling (or a ledge, or something). People were always wondering if they were going to incorporate that. They could have kept her exactly like that and made her immobile, but that would be kinda boring for a 24-man raid.

Hajime Tabata Talks About Final Fantasy XV’s PC Version and PSVR DLC


In an recent interview with vidaextra, Hajime detailed about why Final Fantasy XV is delayed, hinted at the possibility of having a brand new DLC for PS VR, and discussed the potential PC version.

Like other Final Fantasy series, both starters and advanced players can enjoy the game equally. Great improvements have been done during the delay, players can except to play the game without any patches. It will be available worldwide on November 29.
Instead of having a new version for PS4 and Xbox One, the development team prefers focusing on the new consoles. Now they’re planning on a DLC for PS VR. Different from the demo at E3 2016, it would be a brand new DLC.

There is no doubt that the PC version will be much better than what we have on consoles. It could take more than one year to develop the PC version since there is much do be done to make it adjust to the engine.

Moonshade Isle Cartel

Moonshade Cartel is a reformed (Large house, airships rank 8 and the such) free company that is looking build a new core group and expand their group of friends.

What makes Moonshade Cartel different?

-We are looking to bring back the community aspect to FC’s. Many Smaller FC’s are focused on a single static, or a static in general and a lot of the day to day management falls to the wayside. Although we may eventually have a few statics in the FC and plenty of members already part of statics not based around an FC we plan to keep the social aspects and the static aspects separate.

Do you guys do Diadem? I like Diadem.

-While Diadem is an oasis of fun…. many of our members enjoy Palace of the dead, old and current Primals and are especially excited for the upcoming addition to Palace of the Dead and to venture back into Diadem when the upcoming revamp hits that. Also why do you like diadem, ew!

I don’t raid….

-Hey that’s okay! no matter what you enjoy doing in game you’ll find other like minded and mature players that you can clear or craft with to your hearts content. Or you can ignore everyone and brood in a corner! (Our home has lots of empty corners for you to brood in)

Did you steal that?


This sounds haphazardly strewn together and just crazy enough to work! How do I find out more, or berate you in game?

-Just Whisper Piney Poe in game! Or punch him, he’s a lala he doesn’t have feelings haha! You can also find Tiger Fury to ask him to hit Piney Poe for you if your busy in game or if Piney is not online.

Justice Monsters Five CGI Opening video released on mogffxiv

A CGI Opening video for the recently released Mobile game titled Justice Monsters Five has been uploaded by Square Enix today. The video focuses on showing our five main heroes named Bomb Bro, Fab Flan, Lamiana, Casanova Coeurl and Grim Gargoyle.

Additionally, fans can jump into the game, get a Malboro and experience the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV event taking place at the moment.

Justice Monsters Five is now available to download on both iOS and Android devices. The game will be featured in Final Fantasy XV as a mini-game players can try out in-game.

I have rather mixed feelings


I agree with you that the difficulty of the new raid is more in line with midcore. I am having more fun in it for that reason. That said, I like the fights the least. I don’t hate any of the fights (like how I hated A6S), but I don’t love any of them either. Same goes for Sophia.
Raids Difficulty: Great
Raids Story: Not bad
Raids Mechanics: Not great
Sophia Difficulty: Not bad
Sophia Story: Not great
Sophia Mechanics: Not bad

I think the story was really good and the execution was kinda meh. The pacing felt off for the WoD, and certain things felt a little weird. Like, Xelphatol felt off in many ways. First, we wanted to take a ground approach in so that we wouldn’t be hit with large resistance, but then we were hit with large resistance. We would have faired better just flying to the top I am sure. Second, I felt pretty bad killing all of the Ixali. We went there to stop the Warriors of Darkness and then just decided to slaughter all these Ixali in their homes. It sure made me feel like a hero! Third, the dungeon itself just felt weird. We’re invading their home that is apparently just a bunch of narrow bridges lined together with guards that spend their entire time watching for invaders. Overall the presentation of this part of the story and dungeon just didn’t seem to fit for me. It’s also disappointing that most of the story is just cutscenes now.
MSQ Story: Great
MSQ Execution: Not good
MSQ Length: OK
MSQ Playability: Poor
Honorable Mention: Gu Ba

Wondrous Tails
I have been both impressed and disappointed by this. I went in thinking the idea was pretty meh and that I’d try it out anyway. I’ve done it and it’s hardly meh. It can kind of be fun to go back and do this old content solo, with friends, or in queue. I was surprised to see an instant queue for my healer on T1. That said, the sticker system completely ruins this content for me. The RNG factor is just frustrating and most of the rewards can be obtained in other ways. For example, once per week, I can do 9 different activities in it (or replay some, i.e. solo running Sastasha) for a chance at 2 TierV material, or I can just run PotD or Weeping City to get it and know that at the end of it all, I will in fact get it. None of the rewards in this content are even good enough to warrant the RNG nature of it. On another thread someone mentioned how you get the “best” armor with 3 lines. However, it’s hardly the best. It’s 20 ilvls below the max ilvl in this tier, and each week you’re locked to one of 2 jobs/roles that you may not be playing. I received my 260 chest piece last week, which is already better than the caster chest piece in WT this week.
Wondrous Tails: Mixed

I have got the quest for this, because the same as above I want to give it a try despite my misgivings. That said, I am having a really hard time encouraging myself to unlock this content. It seems so much like Garrison Missions in WoW, and I already know that I thought that was the stupidest thing Blizzard has done (probably ever?). Since coming to this conclusion, I’ve glanced over a few forum threads talking about it – some praising, some complaining – and none of them have made my desire to try this out even more. I won’t grade this, as I haven’t tried it, but I suspect it will rate pretty low for me.

I’m not a fan that this is locked behind crafting/gathering. I find that a lot of casual content in this game is, and it frustrates me as I really dislike crafting and gathering in FFXIV. I do want to have some fun in casual content though.

Gubal Hard
Story: Not great
Mechanics: Not great
Difficulty: Horrible
Atmosphere: Not bad

mogffxiv | Square Enix registers “Stormblood” trademark

According to the Japanese Twitter account of the Trademark Bot, Square Enix has registered a new trademark named “Stormblood”.

No logo was attached to the trademark registration and it is currently unknown whether this title is a new game or an expansion for an existing game such as Final Fantasy XIV.

Via Gamefront.de

mogffxiv | Fourth episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV previewed in new trailer

Square Enix has released a new teaser for the fourth episode of the ongoing Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime ahead of its full release tomorrow alongside Gamescom. This episode, titled “Bittersweet Memories,” focuses on a young Ignis and his bond with Noctis. Watch the video below.

A brief treatise on Eikons 2: Their unseen influence

Note: Eikon here refers to all summons, I don’t much like Primal due to regarding it as theologically inaccurate.

So one question that I’m sure has been on people’s minds regarding eikons is on the nature of tempering (or blessed, drowned etc) and such individuals coming about before the summoning of the creature in question.

Prior to summoning, many beastmen tribes kidnap people to be tempered with the implication being that more believers will assist in the summoning. Additionally there is a case in preventing soldiers from being drowned by Leviathan, with the serpent not summoned at the time and the process appearing to have a lower success rate.
My current theory is that the belief of the summoners in question creates a sort of body-less existance. Their soul is there but without suffecient aether they have no body to use their full abilities. In this form however they can grant boons to their worshippers, temper people, and possibly other things, with the effects seeming to center around objects of worship.

It also seems to answer the question of why an eikon when resummoned retains it’s memories and original form. Only the body has been destroyed with the soul still existing.

Thoughts? Arguments? Counterpoints?

Well, while we have seen a summoning done to temper people, a number of beastman quests involve foiling plans to temper individuals. If the eikon was being summoned again I’m sure that story wise we would be seeing more concern from the grand companies. There’s also the tempered individual who was working to make summoning Ifrit possible before the fight with him, and the Sahagin quest where you have to rescue a bunch of soldiers before they are drownded with Leviathan nowhere in sight.

It seems to me that tempering without an actual summon is much more difficult and prone to failure