FFXIV:ARR A Journey’s End (Complete Zeta, Lucis DoH and DoL,)

All Lucis tools DoH and DoL, All Zeta weapons.

FFXIV:ARR A Journey’s End


Long story short, i enjoy the game by playing as much of the content as possible.

I tend to lean more towards DoH/L and participate in combat oriented features where i can and as i please. You can say i’m enjoying about 95% of what the game has to offer, 5% being mostly Golden Saucer features, i only plan on avidly going in there when i’m legitimately bored with the game.

Little bit about me, i have too much free time on my hands. Some people enjoy watching sports, gardening, movie going and what not to pass the time, i play video games as my pass time. I especially enjoy mmorpg’s for the social interaction and the story lines mmorpg’s have to offer. It’s like reading a book, only player actions, decisions and interactions shape it.

Some data i logged while

DoL Lucis Specific Data:

Antumbral Rocks HQ 99 (/) NQ 359 (+) 44 misses (=) 24% HQ yield rate. (needed 99 NQ before hand to obtain Supra tool)

Redolent Logs HQ 99 (/) NQ 360 (+) 69 misses (=) 23% HQ yield rate. (needed 99 NQ before hand to obtain Supra tool)

Gigant Clam HQ 30 (/) NQ 153 (+) 125 misses (=) 11% HQ yield rate. (needed 3 Olgoi-Khorkhoi (or 2 HQ) before hand to obtain supra tool)

Olgoi-Khorkhoi NQ 3 (/) 571 lines cast. Less than 1% catch rate.

180 Levequests to obtain related items for Lucis turn-ins. 30 Days worth of levequests, not like i’m using the allowances for anything else. I decided to save Allied Seals and GC Seals for other things.

30x Fieldcraft Demimateria III (Supra Tool)

9x Mastercraft Materia (Supra Tool)

Max Melds, BiS slots, offhand-incomplete at 4x melds, no benefits to completing it, gain nothing for adding any materia at this point.

DoH Lucis Specific Data. (excludes learning curve failures)

97% chance to HQ: fail rate 7%.

23% chance to HQ: success rate 19%

These 2 numbers were most common if less than 100% chance to HQ.

189 attempts, made out of 160 synthesized turn-in items needed to obtain all 8 DoH Lucis tools. 15% fail rate. 85% success rate.

Very bland data compared to DoL i know. Reading the combat log when it comes to DoH progress is painstakingly bloated, so i kept my logging simple. (excludes learning curve failures: 64%)

Over the course of 5 weeks i obtained mats necessary to synthing related items, through levequests, GC seals, Allied seals, DoL farming, Market Board scouring (“soo cheeep”) and some pickups from daily dungeon runs. I obtained enough mats for up to 99 attempts each tool, because RNG. I did 3 Tools separately from each other over those weeks, on the last day i did 5 tools, in 1 day, took a lot of breaks.

Max possible melds, bis slots, put +25 Craftsmanship on all offhands.

Zodiac Specific Data:

This epic greatly contributed to obtaining over 3000 commendations for Parade Chocobo mount.

146100 Tomes of Soldiery TOTAL from Zenith to Zeta

1600000 GC Seals (bomb core)

750 Alexandrite = 150,000 Allied seals

112 Savage Might Materia IV (All weapons have max det) 29% failure rate

66 Savage Aim Materia IV (All DPS weapons have max crit minus blm) 17% failure rate.

24 Piety Materia IV (All healer weapons have max piety) 25% failure rate

16 Quicktongue Materia IV (blm onry) 31% failure rate.

29 Battledance Materia IV (preference because i’m logging real world data with a 650+ parry setup between both WAR and PLD, plus its my weapon, my choice) 24% failure rate

Some low tier Accuracy materia on healer weapons.

BLM weapon was the most brutal to meld for both Det and SS.

Wayward Chocobo hatchling is my goodluck assistant for the Novus Melding process.

Parry on tank weapons, Parry stats suits my purposes for playing tank. As for added damage output as a tank. I’m running i110 crafted accessories with max melded str and parry combination so that alone gives me +90 str over majority (not all) of tanks, without sacrificing vit, furthermore i went with +30 str on bonus attributes for both War and Pld.

Trial runs for Zeta Arc 682 (inconclusive data, a combination of doing fates, dailies, maps, raids and working on a relic while working on a relic, reliception also contributed to zeta Arc)

Dungeons Runs 718, 1 in 5 dungeons dropped a key item (Zodiac transformation) + 270 (animus books)

938 trial runs for nexus light. (inconclusive data, a combination of doing fates, dailies, maps, and reliception also contributed to nexus Arc)

Other gear slots Mostly WoD while some classes are leaning more heavily on poetics, which is enough to get the job done. All combat classes are sitting at at least i124, except for tank stuff because of underrated crafted accessories, gotta swap in those blm poetic accessories to get into coil.


During the zodiac epic i reconnected with close to a dozen players from both 1.0 and XI, by merely running into them in Duty Finder dungeons, trials and raids. Had a ton of fun, I wish the interaction would be more permanent like allowing communication between servers ingame, whether its mail or real-time chat. This wasn’t a grind, it is one of the most enjoyable epic’s i’ve experienced in an online virtual world.

I’ve played many MMORPGs to the same depth if not deeper in playstyle. FFXIV is probably the best game of the genre to come out (PvP needs a lot of work though, with announced improvements and a seasonal ranking in the works, this game continues to pursuit perfection).

Keep up the good work Devs and Staff. Yoshi-P, the right man for the job. I loved 1.0 and i fell even more in love with 2.0. I rejoined the game Feb 2014, because of Jan 2014’s f2p weekend.

If i forgot something or simple typing errors among the data, let me know. Oh and 9029 Grade 5 Dark Matter consumed for repairs. That’s 722,320 gil in repairs!

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