FFXIV: Stormblood Trailer Analysis – What we know so far

Sync don’t ever stop making videos, maaate i really like your videos and content, it really makes me laugh and learn lots of new things, i really support your work man, and i think is funnier an better than lots of other FF XIV channels. Keep it up.

That two auras, red and blue could possibly be a lvl 60 – 70 skill of the monk job, more like stances, dance stance and monk stance, instead of creating a new dps class like dancer, i think yoshi combined the two jobs to create a whole new class perspective.

Everyone’s pretty sure the character from the Monk storyline (I forget his name) is gonna be the new Estenien. Especially after the Encyclopedia Eorzea corfirmed his true identity. Also Red Mage confirmed by Yoshi-P’s shirt.

For me personally I love Summoning type classes but also buff/debuff type classes. My hope for the expansion is to get a half support half dps class. I would love to be able to debuff enemies, buff allies, place dots that can be activated by other job skills used by other players in the party, like a dot that can be blown up to deal all its damage at once upon activation of a certain skill unusable by that specific job. A job that requires a party to be effective at all levels, however isn’t a dps or support class but a mixture of the 2. I want a class that requires teamwork to be over powered compared to classes that excel at only 1 thing.

To simplify this, I want a “support” class that doesn’t support through healing, but instead supports through buffing and debuffing enemies, whilst using skills that do incredible dps to enemies once activated by other players in the party, however without being able to do decent dps on it’s own.

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