[FFXIV Spoilers] The Abilities of Alexander and the Midas Codex

So I finished up the Midas quests last night, and I have a few question as I try to organize my thoughts on it:

(1) So Mide is the one who manipulated the Illuminati into summoning Alexander, presumably feeling safe in the belief they couldn’t do anything with the construct because they lacked the Codex. But why? Putting aside the complicated nature of two groups summoning the same Primal for different ends (I certainly don’t expect Mide to know all the specifics of Primal summoning), why would the Illuminati summon something they can’t use without something they don’t currently possess? Alexander isn’t a machine, it’s a manifestation of belief, and even if Mide’s original group summoned something that required the Codex to be controlled, there’s little reason why Gobbie!Alex should be the same.

(2) The reason the Illuminati can use Alexander to reverse time is because they have a complete Codex and the means to read it, right? But what about their ability to see the future? I’m interested in when and how that ability manifested, because I can’t think of anything that implies the Goblins could see the future before the end of A8, yet I can’t think of anything that happens in the A8-related quests that would have given them the ability. Obviously they didn’t need the Codex for it, because Quickthinks is able to predict the platform jam, and it can’t be the kidnapping of Roundrox, because she’s only necessary for using the completed Codex, right? So have they been able to do it via their Primal from the start this whole time, and just haven’t had the ability to act on the knowledge it gave them? But if they WERE able to do it from the start, then they should have known that Roundrox didn’t have the piece they needed when they searched her stuff. So, yeah, colour me confused on that point.

(3) What was the point of the brief side-plot about Mide handing over a fake Codex piece? It didn’t seem to actually achieve anything.

(4) Finally! A bit unrelated to the three above, but I’m curious – do we know how what mobs in Gordias and Midas are Gobby-tech, and what are manifestations of the Primal itself? I always assumed Living Liquid was part of the Primal itself, but was never quite sure about the A1 and A4 mecha, and I believe the quests had somebody mention the Goblins actually bringing in materials this time around. So did they construct the Brute Justice and its components, or were they summoned as an aspect of Alexander?

1. The Illuminati were essentially summoning whatever absorbed Dayun.

2. Mide mentioned there was a computer within Alexander that could predict and calculate such upcoming phenomenon. That seemed to be how Quickthinx Allthoughts knew what would happen.

3. Probably buy time for you to go into Midas and wreck stuff.

4. It’s hard to say how much was gobbie brainfruit, and how much was a manifestation of the primal itself. You’ll note the Manipulator and Brute Justice both bear a curious resemblance to past depictions of Alexander.

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