FFXIV Secure: 72 man, hands down

In 72 man, you had enough capture points that securing them actually made a difference to the final score, and players were constantly fighting over them. Drone spawns were just there for an added bonus, and were not the main point. In 24 man, once you caught your primary capture point everyone just cluttered up on the top of the tower and waited on Drones. Drones spawned. Dps check started. Drones died. People pecked at each other for a bit, but mostly, people just split up and waited for the next drones. It was stupid and boring, and there was more PvE than PvP (sound familiar?).

The only time I’d like to see 24 man Secure brought back is if they take the stupid Drones out of it entirely and replace them with a fourth flag on the top of the tower.

Slaughter: 24 man, I guess…

Honestly, I don’t really care, because that game mode was a huge s*** show from start to finish, no matter how many people were in it. 24 man seems the most viable way to do it, though. Given that there’s practically no objectives and the map is huge, it would be best to split the map up into smaller zones and just make it 24 man.

Seize: Either, but I preferred the 72 man.

This is mostly just because of the size of the map, and the fact that it’s a 3-way fight. It’s next to impossible for a 8 man team to split up and still be effective, so in 24 man matches there’s always one GC who could potentially be left out from all of the combat. That’s kind of lame. 72-man had more possibilities, and it was less likely for any teams to be completely uncontested.

Shatter: 24 man, but it’s really hard to judge this one.

So far, the spawn pattern of the Shatter Points has had more of an effect on how fun the Shatter game mode is than the actual size of the teams. I’ll take 24 man for faster queue times and more team-oriented game play, but so long as Shatter is just a big game of whack-a-mole, I don’t think the size of the team makes a big enough difference to care about.

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