MU Legend World Maps and Dungeon Detailed

The last player invasion of the MU Legend universe occurred during the stress test on September 23rd. At the time, in order gather as much technical data as possible, only part of the MU continent was made available. Even with this restriction, thousands of fans have expressed their deep enthusiasm for the game after taking part in the test.

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With the OBT release, players will have access to the entirety of MU Legend’s world maps.
Adventuring in a new MMO ARPG world is part of the magic of gaming, and MU Legend’s immense continent will be sure to satisfy even the most adventurous explorers.
To prepare every player, MU Legend’s website now features a set of guides dedicated to the world’s regions and landscapes. Thus, exploration will lead players through three huge territories: “Enova“, “Duelden“, “Litenberg ”  and the big merchant city of “Ordhor”.
MU Legend, being the prequel of MU Online, brings a new twist to well-known elements of the franchise. The MU Legend team commented:
“In essence, we wanted MU Legend to embody the iconic legacy and epic lands of the MU franchise. Therefore, some place names will surely trigger beloved memories in any MU veteran: Devias, a big city in MU Online, is only an outpost in MU Legend. In this way, fans can truly witness the evolution of the MU universe!”
Additional territories will be revealed in future expansions, as players level up and progress through the game. Of course, fans will be happy to hear that further territory expansions will be provided absolutely free of charge.
Among the new guides released today, one of them will no doubt be of particularly high interest to players: The dungeon guide. A previous Gaming 101 article posted by the MU Legend team describes the dungeon system of the game. The dungeon guide added on the MU Legend website today gives an in-depth breakdown of the core mechanics themselves.
Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, enthusiastically commented:
“I can tell that, from the casual player to the most avid fan of ‘dungeon crawling’ (I confess that I am one myself), all will be delighted to get their hands on the dungeon guide.
In this guide, for example, you will learn that there is not only one category of dungeons but plenty! And the beauty of it is, they cover everything that players expect: Treasure hunting, Mythic mode, big challenges, group dungeon expeditions and, of course, leveling.
Party leaders will certainly have this specific guide open as a tool of knowledge while they organize their troop before attempting a dungeon expedition.”
The dungeon guide is a must-read for any MU Legend player. Its content is so thorough that the most famous dungeons (Blood Castle, Endless Tower, Lupa’s Labyrinth, etc.) all have guides of their own.

To learn more about MU Legend and pre-download the game, visit:
Players are also invited to discuss the game and join the official Facebook community at

Stop freeing them

Week after week, I see WC groups with maybe 1 or 2 people who are new (achievement after the clear), yet those same groups end up with 5+ players getting assimilated on Ozma, and stepping into 5+ garrote traps on hair lady.

Stop freeing them. It’s the only way they’re going to learn that they can, and are supposed to, avoid those mechanics. I can’t think of any other reason why a player, doing the same fights over and over again, can’t figure out how the mechanics work, unless they have a misunderstanding of how they work.

They won’t learn if you free them. It’s their expectation that they can mess up the mechanic, and the rest of group will drop everything and come fix their mistake. If gaols and traps were instant death mechanics, everybody would have them down perfectly by now. Ultimately, if there is no consequence for failure, then there is no learning.


You get sucked into these traps if someone near you steps into them. Overall your idea is absolutly against every normal thinking because these mechanics are that way that you can HELP your group members. But yeah its ok don’t get people out of that stuff (if its their fault to end up in it or not) and i hope no one will help you if you do a mistake and i bet it happens often enough, because only these toxic players blame others for mechanical mistakes and demand to let these players die.

If players don’t make that mistake, then nobody suffers for it. That’s the point. My idea is congruent with any reasonable line of thinking. Is Ozma casting Assimilation? Then I should face away and avoid it. Did I mess up avoiding it? Then I can still face away from him and the debuff will drop off. It’s asinine to think “I messed on Assimilation, I’d better completely ignore it and just let my group cover for my mistake when they bail me out of a gaol”.

Let’s move onto the hair traps. The reasonable line of thinking is “there’s a big yellow AoE marker that I should avoid; now it’s left a purple circle that I should also avoid; I’d better not step on it or near it”. It’s asinine to think “oh, a big yellow AoE marker, I’ll just stand in it; oh now it’s a big purple circle I should avoid, but I’ll stand here or walk through it; oh, now I’m caught in a trap; oh well, my group can just cover for my mistake”.

Each of these mechanics is telegraphed for several seconds before the trap occurs. People don’t avoid them because they feel that they don’t have to, and that the rest of group can just fix it for them. “Learn to play a little better” isn’t an elitist statement, nor some symptom of a superiority complex; it’s what players should be doing.

I mean you could let them sit in the traps and stuff…or you could attempt to explain to the players what they’re doing wrong (it should be pretty apparent which players don’t know what they’re doing very quickly after all).

I know not everyone will be receptive to being helped (even if you phrase it helpfully instead of arrogantly), but the only way you’re going to cut down on the number of people failing mechanics is to try and help them recognise what they’re supposed to be doing about it. It can’t hurt to try right?

I know I certainly would have appreciated it if people took the time to explain what I was supposed to be looking out for when I attempted to go through WC on my first go. We didn’t complete it because people kept messing up Ozma mechanics. Including the people that were moaning about me making mistakes because they preferred to do that than explain what I was doing wrong.

The most baffling part of this is the people will come to defend it


As a member of a very small FC who has done 4 rounds of crafting 4-5 airship pieces at a time; it is incredibly tedious and adds absolutely nothing to the workshop experience. There are better ways to have everyone participate in workshop crafting, and forcing you to gather 3 other people to AFK while you press buttons is not one of them. It feels more like artificial gating because they couldn’t (or didn’t have time to) make actual content.

The most baffling part of this is the people that will come to defend it because they feel like you should do things with others in an MMO, so any kind gating is ok. Well, I agree with the idea that MMOs = socialization, but I don’t ask 3 people to come and AFK while I do a dungeon.

They weren’t being snit, the other person was being a dick, and now you’re being rude. The facts are that this is tedious, unnecessary, and exclusionary. I run a small fc of 12 members, a few being alts and the rest being fairly active. Only two of my members craft, myself and my co-leader. That’s it. No one else has fun with it, no one else wants to do it. So not only is getting a party of 4 crafters together like pulling teeth, they can’t even participate because they literally do not enjoy crafting. And no one should be forced to craft. Asking my other members to stop running dungeons/raids/trials, put on their level 1 crafting class, and afk in the workshop is unfair to them, don’t you think? Why should they have to stop doing what they enjoy in order to just stand around doing nothing?

There are better ways of getting this done. If they just let anyone in the fc make the turn ins, people would actually feel as though they were helping. As of now, it feels like I’m forcing them to put their fun on the back burner for my own. If it felt like it wasn’t punishing us for being a small company with only 1 or 2 crafters or if it wasn’t like pulling teeth getting a party together, no one would mind it. But as of now it’s just really obnoxious.

The problem in here lies from the first concept design. SE designed a content where they want the community to be more socialize, FC have something to do together and also from players requested. SE did success create and delivered the idea and the concept, but the way they made it work is wrong.

Not only the basic explanation of how Company Workshop works is no different than a delivery quest (take Ixali daily delivery quest as an example): you make the item, delivery them to the machine NPC. The only different is you are not doing this alone but you may ask other people inside the FC to help you fasten the progress. And it has became a bit far from what they created from the first idea.

My FC has about 12 people online at any given time, usually 4-5 of which are mid to high level crafters. Except those people are *also* high level raiders, or working on another class, or hanging out with a friend, or afk reading something on the internet, etc. Getting 4 people in one place is only easy when you’re in the rare FC where everyone is motivated to do company crafting. For the other 99% of us, getting 4 people in one place is difficult because company crafting is somewhere near the bottom of the list of things they want to do, usually just below “Log off and do anything else at all with my life”.

If company crafting actually WAS a group activity, I could probably get more people excited about it. But right now, people don’t want to be bothered to show up and stand around so someone else can push a button when there are a great many other things they could be doing with their time.

I dont think it should be added to Private estates… theres no FC content as it is… at least the FC crafting station made a reason to be in a FC, I know there will be people who dont want to be in a FC… but then they dont need the crafting station, since it was created for airships originally to get certain mats and Diadem, and they made a way for ppl without a FC to do Diadem … but thats my 2 cents.

This is a team based game mode


This is a team based game mode, and communication is key. They boast that there will be new macros added, but to what extent will they cover? SE, you need to understand that we, as the players, need to communicate specific things at specific time. Certain people may need to get medals, boxes may be spawning soon and you need to warn your team, you may be out of MP and need a BRD/MCH to assist, you may need to tell your team to get mid, get to base, push forward, fall back. You may need to coordinate with your team to burst down a target while CC’ing another. That target may change during the match. Communication is absolutely crucial in team based PvP, so removing that will make the Solo Queue gaming experience absolutely worse than it is now.

You may think this will put a bar on toxicity, and that players will finally reach a point where they are not flaming each other, but here’s the thing…Censorship does not work in this world. Players will simply send tells after the game to talk ill towards their teammates that messed up or were not skilled. They will make alts on those players realms simply to express their disdain. This is what used to happen in past MMO’s which didn’t have in-match chat during PvP. Even through this censorship, people -will- get flamed, people -will- get told they suck. Taking away the player’s ability to speak in one forum only makes the situation worse, as the emotion they are feeling will build up and carry outside of the match, instead of it being handled in the short match time during the game, and then being wiped clean as the next match comes around.

Keep this “feature” and only apply it to those that are to receive punishment for their toxicity. This way, there is justified punishment for those people, as the previous punishment (permanent bans) is extremely harsh given the context of the situation. The goal would then be for them to realize that communication is key to success, as they will have a difficult time playing in The Feast without being able to communicate with their team.

Chiming in just to state my disapproval as well. I’m sure just about everyone here has lost their temper in chat during Feast but this is doing so much more damage than it heals. The Matchmaking already creates heavily imbalanced games where players with the skill level of a Bronze/Silver rank are being matched as Gold/Platinums… removing any complex way to communicate with your teammates is just going to make the games that much more imbalanced, noncompetitive, and overall unfun.

I entirely disagree with the change – as mentioned chat is crucial… But, although I will get a lot of slack for saying this – I absolutely understand why. PVP is a competetive game and tempers run high… That’s to be expected. What’s not to be expected is the sheer level of toxic attitudes that can arise. I’ve been active in PVP since the beginning pretty much and have seen it all … “Omg ur so bad” “wtf u doing” – things like this can be expected. Things like telling others to die, homophobic slurs, calling people a plethora of mental health diseases – these are NOT ok … But it happens constantly and it has OBLITERATED the community. Wait times are insane, and all of us complain about them, it’s naive to think that this isn’t because of attitudes.

A lot of the top pvp’ers are very toxic, and it’s honestly your fault for this change. This is a game that really strives on the positive community – and some of the stuff I’ve been called in the past has been pretty much shocking (I obviously can’t post it here). Sure, report them – but there’s no reason at all why I or anyone else should be presented with that in the first place.

Macros are SO important in Feast. It’s difficult to be aware of everything that goes on, and be able to react accordingly. Healers can’t macro to indicate that they are stunlocked or need full swing purified off of them. Ranged DPS can’t tell us when their burst is up. My main job, Paladin, is very reliant on CDs and communicating them to my healer, I always tell them remaining time on my Cover and Tetsudo so they can respond appropriately and we don’t accidentally cover and attune at the same time.

Some point Garlemald will get a bit of the Ishgard treatment in

I figured I’d make a thread to contain a lot of the speculation and discussion about 3.5 and 4.0 that’s inevitably been leaking into other threads simply due to the gradual trickle of information we’ve been getting about both since the Las Vegas Fan Fest combined with a lot of people’s hype, concerns and general enthusiasm.

I don’t necessarily mind the Zeno villain thing but I am a bit bummed Regula sounds like he is going to go out in a relatively minor role. I still hope we will see more moderate Garleans. They said that they will be comparing the Garleans to the Allag the Garleans try to emulate and while there was a lot wrong with the Allag, I don’t think they were entirely bad as a nation (apart from Miqote persecution the bastards!)

One thing I kind of hold out with is the idea that being loyal to the idea of the Garlean state and loyal to the imperial family don’t necessarily have to be the same thing. We know that Garlemald has conflicting internal factions and I expect us to end up going to Garlemald proper some day. When your talking about a faction like Garlemald, there aren’t that many threats big enough to make them reliable allies at the moment unless the Ascians switch tact completely and start operating openly or unless the threat to Garlemald is Garlemald itself.


My hope is at some point Garlemald will get a bit of the Ishgard treatment in that we have to deal with the elements that are a threat but we aren’t going to go there to throw the baby out with the bath water.

One day we’ll get our Larsa, I’m sure. At this point, wishing ill for the entire Empire is wishing for two continents to be thrown into upheaval. We and the Garleans share a common goal: the salvation of the world. It’s everything about how to achieve that goal that we disagree on. But the Empire has been heading down the same path as Allag, and are making some of the same mistakes. We need only purge certain factions and points of view to make peace with the Garleans … after a satisfying conflict, I hope. I mean, I’m lukewarm excited for our “Larsa”, and all, but what about our “Vayne”? I’ve been so focused on my high hopes for Elidibus as one of the apex antagonists that I’ve barely considered it!

I get the feeling that it’s going to be both. The Griffin has already been establishing that Ala Mhigo’s new viceroy is a brute compared even to Gaius van Baelsar, but at the same government views tend to vary much more than populous views. Most people just want stability and opportunities to thrive, and some people will surely be afraid that handing control of the nation over to a resistance that’s done nothing but fight and run for two decades (and ousted the King of Ruin at that) is a horrible idea, no matter how bad Zenos is. Sometimes the regime is all that needs to change. Sometimes attempting regime change does more harm that good. I can think of some real-world relevance…

Sounds like seven hells of risk! I mean, having a concrete definition of “Okay, this story is in THIS year, this story is in THIS year” will be a huge boon to certain aspects of the game experience (like not being asked what year it is every three to twelve days). And there are a ton of ways to do some really fun stuff with it.

On the other hand, the bubble was put in place for reasons. We can’t just go back in time when we teleport west of Ala Mhigo, so I assume time would move everywhere. That means we’ll have to maintain the timeline archives much better than we have been to ensure things don’t get crazy. Imagine if 4.0 starts and the Battle of Silvertear Skies was now 16 years ago? Eep!

Yeah, there’s definitely a contradiction at play regarding Xenos. I’m not sure how to read into the whole ‘nobody will sympathise with him’ statement because a character can do awful things and still have at least some redeeming qualities. Cersei Lannister is my favourite example for those familiar with Game of Thrones – a lot of people brush her off as ‘evil’ but fail to understand why she acts like she does. I do hope they’re not backing down on the more moderate angle of the conflict. Turning Garlemald into a one dimensional villain across the board after seeing the likes of Gaius and Regula would be very disappointing.

FC can work together to reach a goal


I have a plan to move to Tonberry (might be) soon enough and I’m looking for a very special FC in Tonberry to stay.
I have a few candidate to choose from and 100 Acre Wood is in my first list because your family are very active at recruiting ppl. Rarely ppl use their own thread because they don’t really care much about recruiting. This is a big plus for your family (FC).

I’m not a person that like to jump from FC to other FC so I’ll select my candidate very carefully.
My base criteria for FC is about 100 or more members on it and has a FC House, FC House is very important because it show you that your FC can work together to reach a goal.
There are 3 important questions that I need some answer:

1. Activity
How active is your FC at the moment? What plan do you have or use to keep your member interest at your FC and playing FF ARR?
Member activity is very important because nobody want to be alone and left behind.

2. Guild Management
How good is your FC management, FC site, and information sharing? How about the head family, how good is the leader?
If you can’t manage your FC, then there is no FC. FC is a country need to be manage by a strong leadership. FC site is very important to keep your member updated with the lastest information and status of your FC.

3. Guild Friendliness
How friendly is your member to help other member in need? Are they very helpful or just ignorant?
Not all ppl is an old ARR player, some of them are new at this game. Some of them are shy to chat or talk, some of them might not an English fluent speaker. But they are still your family and your friendliness could reach their hand and heart to be more open for their family.

I know I can read the first page for some of this information, but I want a member to answer this question and also for the latest update of your family.
Considered this as a bump and your family recruitment. Also if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer it for you.
Thank you very much.

It’s a bonus and future recipes/ items are not designed with the idea


So with the new mentoring system out for people who have mastered crafting/gathering and the rise in Diadem gathering parties, anyone think we should have a small bonus as a light/full party of crafters or gatherers with their own party bonus? It could help to mentor someone with a small boost to GP/CP or control/perception etc. Nothing major but would encourage people to party up for things like airship building, fc events, or even tutoring/mentoring new players coming into the world of crafting/gathering. What do you guys think?

Example would be like Miner could give a small percent in perception while fishers give a small increase in GP, etc. On the crafter end maybe 2 or so could give a small increase of control, craftsmanship or CP just like a full/light party of battle classes do currently.

As long as it’s a bonus and future recipes/ items are not designed with the idea that you will definitely have this bonus running, then sure. I’ve always thought of crafting and gathering as sort of solo gameplay, but I could see making it more of a team activity (optionally).

We already have bonuses from FC, which are very nice, but the dev team has thus far not designed content that required that they be up so I can imagine that they could do the same with this, though at some point if there are enough optional bonuses floating around that you could have you eventually have to take them into consideration, otherwise players will be able to craft/ gather items with much lower stats than designed. I don’t think we’d be anywhere near that territory yet, though.

I don’t even get why you replied to this. The only response before yours was a negative reaction, which has more likes even.
We can’t trust that group content for crafting/gathering will ever be good or fun, so far every update for DoL/DoH has been crippling.
Airship content was a dud, a bunch of effort most often done by 1 or 2 people but required an arbitrary Light Party to get any actual progress done, even though most of that party had nothing to do with the work effort.

If crafters had one, it’d be like a liquor break, where you could pretend you’re Gerolt.
Maybe restore a little CP or give Quality a nudge. You could use it to try and salvage those times where Hasty Touch decides it wants to fail 5+ times.

I’d rather not see stat buffs from partying. Make them too small, then they’re trivial and no one would bother partying anyway. Make them too big, then players would see them as a requirement, then it becomes so commonplace that devs have to make it a requirement so as to keep content “challenging.”
The idea of giving smaller crafters a helping hand is interesting, but I feel like that’s what the gear buyable from scrips is for.

mogffxiv – More Final Fantasy XV footage from the latest build

Spanish website Vandal has gone up with over 42-minutes of new Final Fantasy XV footage from the first six hours of the game. Along with their impressions (in Spanish, mind) we’re given another look at the near-final version of the game running on PlayStation 4.

Additionally, the video features Spanish subtitles and menus over English voice acting. Have a look below.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XIV dropping PlayStation 3 support with Stormblood expansion on mogffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV‘s next expansion Stormblood was announced today at the game’s Fan Festival in Las Vegas. Slated for release early next Summer, the team revealed (to cheers) that support for PlayStation 3 will end when the expansion launches. If you wish to continue playing the game after the expansion, you’ll need to upgrade to a PlayStation 4. To make this easier, Square Enix and Sony will be partnering for a new upgrade campaign closer to launch where — if you buy a PlayStation 4 — it will be at no extra cost.

Director/producer Naoki Yoshida added that he thanked every fan who bought a copy of the game on PlayStation 3, acknowledging that the platform was instrumental in reviving Final Fantasy XIV with A Realm Reborn‘s launch in 2013.

Meanwhile, on the Windows side of things, the team revealed they will be raising the minimum specs of Final Fantasy XIV at Stormblood‘s launch. Specifically, they encourage you to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system to get the most out of the expansion.

During a Q&A panel later on today, Yoshida was asked about the possibility for NX (Nintendo) support. Yoshida’s response was that their policy is to have everyone who has Final Fantasy XIV play together [on the same servers]. While this isn’t a direct yes or no, Yoshida’s response echoes similar comments he’s made regarding a possible Xbox One version of the game in the past. This stance will determine, it seems, if Final Fantasy XIV will release on any current or future platform.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood will release in Early Summer 2017 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac.

mogffxiv | Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido releases on October 31

With 2016 almost coming to a close, Io-Interactive has announced the release date and location for the sixth and final episode of Hitman. The season finale is set within Hokkaido, Japan and will release on October 31.

The mission titled “Situs Inversus” brings Agent 47 to the grounds of a private hospital and resort. The facility is a fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant and traditional Japanese hot spring. There, the young assassin is tasked find and take out two targets.

Teaser trailer


In case you missed out on all of the previous Hitman episodes, rest assured as Square Enix has planned to release a complete collection of the whole season on January 31. Click here to find out more.