FFXIV Review After Playing Free Trial in 2016 – New Player’s Opinion

It really bothers me when people act like the Main Story is such a big deal breaker in this game. People need to stop treating it like a “Hop in the action MMORPG” its a Final Fantasy game at its core and thats what you should be expecting. It would be like complaing about having to do the story line in FF1-10-12-13.

Definitely understand the struggle with conjurer’s solo leveling up. however, once you get to 15 you start to do dungeons, the game really picks up imo. Not to mention, now we have palace of the dead where we can level up side jobs even easier.

They recently increased the free trial level cap up to 30 so you can try out the job system and with the new system deep dungeon you can play up to floor 40 but can level up to 60 through that instance so you can try out the job abilities at high level.

They removed (or expanded) the Level and Currency cap for Free Trial users now, AFAIK. I played the game for 14 days at Steam and managed to achieve Lv. 29 as Arcanist and Lv. 25 as Thaumaturge, using the same character… and it is really charming, immersive, pretty much what you expect from a Final Fantasy. I will definitely purchase the game soon and continue with my character progression.

Because the combat at higher levels is totally different to the obviously more basic intro-level combat you’ll see at 20. Reaching L20 in a new class can be done in a few hours maybe and the first dungeons obviously aren’t challenging. The game has a stupid amount of systems etc going on and wants to let players engage with as many as they want, so it takes a lot of time to introduce them all individually. Hence yeah, the start is slow.

I guess the thing i hated about the free trial was it only takes you till lvl 20 when everything in the game becomes 1000x better after 25 or so,stone 2,3,holy,medica 2,regen asylum all these epic spells past 25,you officially feel like a god as a healer end game.I really hope people at least get the realm reborn and see how it is past lvl 20 i was one of those guys who left it for 1 year after the trial,gave it a second chance and it has become my fav mmo ever.No kidding i spend a shit ton of hours playing this everyday.

Playing ninja on a high skill level is anything but easy. You have the most buttons to press and the most timings to watch out for. If your group doesn’t have a warrior you have to watch out for 4 different buffs/debuffs at all times and you gotta do your ‘no-utility-all-dps’ rotation when there’s enough time.

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